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Add the Camera Shortcut to Your Lock Screen Without Upgrading to iOS 5.1 [iPhone Tweaks]

Jailbreakers who feel like they're missing out on the new iOS 5.1 camera icon can now add their own with a new jailbreak tweak. Camera Grabber for iOS 5 adds the camera shortcut to your iPhone's Lock Screen without having to upgrade to iOS 5.1. This eliminates the need to double tap the Home button to quickly access your camera.

iPhone Camera

If you do not want the new icon but would like an easier way to access your camera, you can always install the free tweak known as CamFast. This tweak allows you to use Activator actions like "Double Tap" to achieve the same result as using the camera shortcut.

Get iPhone iOS 5 Features Now: Access Camera from Lock Screen

One of the more useful features coming to iOS 5 in the fall adds a camera button to the iPhone lock screen, speeding up access to the Camera app. Missing a photo because you need to unlock, enter your passcode, find the Camera app and snap the picture can be a drag. If your iPhone is jailbroken, a free tweak called CameraLock simplifies access to the photography app of your choice right now.

CameraLock Cydia tweak install

CameraLock has a few adjustable options, including Bypass Passcode and Don't Lock Back. If Bypass Passcode is set to ON, tapping the camera icon from the lock screen will immediately open the Camera app. Don't Lock Back is set to OFF by default, so that when you're finished shooting photos the iPhone automatically returns to the lock screen.

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