Bar Roulette makes it easy to find new bars and break your routine

Bar Roulette iOS app

When you live in a big city, it’s hard to not eventually fall into a routine over time.

Even though you are in a situation where an entire world of unknown destinations is available to you, the tendency for many is to stick to the same. You work the same job, you come home to watch the same shows on Netflix and, when you go out, it’s with the same friends to the same bars.

Foursquare Real-time Recommendations Now Available on iOS Devices

Foursquare announced its new updated iOS app today on its blog. The location-based social networking service now offers real-time recommendations for a "small batch" of iOS users. The new feature sends users notifications about the best items to order or about money saving deals based on their current location.

Foursquare iOS

Foursquare promises that the real-time recommendations will be "in everyone's hands" very soon, but for now all users can enjoy the new "Right Now" and "Friends at a Glance" features by upgrading to version 6.4.

The "Right Now" button allows users to check which friends are currently nearby, and the "Friends at a Glance" option offers a quick look at each friend’s most recent check-in. Users can also see what their friends have been up to by tapping their profile and viewing their check-in history.

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