How to contact 911 from the Uber app

Uber 911

The Uber Safety Toolkit includes the ability to quickly contact 911 if you're having an emergency while using the ride sharing service. When using the 911 button in Uber, the app will give you a location, vehicle information and license plate number so you can share it with the 911 dispatcher. This will allow emergency services to locate you faster.


How to report an unprofessional or unsafe Uber driver

Uber Map

The ride sharing experiment has been a huge success offering an affordable and reliable option to public transportation and taxis. Companies like Uber and Lyft have elevated the overall experience and expectations of the transportation service by attracting helpful and personable drivers. Riders can help keep the high level of service by rating their drivers using Uber and Lyft's 5-star rating system. After each ride, passengers are asked to rate their individual driver and comment on their experience using the service. This encourages drivers to go above and beyond what is expected, and has caused many to be very creative on how they treat their passengers. Some dedicated drivers offer riders free amenities such as mints, water, and handi-wipes, while others provide phone chargers and even the ability to watch videos or play video games. However, as with any business that employs a large number of people there is also the occasional rotten egg.


How do I report an accident to Uber?

Pinning down Uber accident numbers is a hard one. Uber drivers drive way more than regular drivers so accidents per year are not an accurate representation of how safe ride share services can be. Ride sharing is also relatively new so Uber isn't eager to share this information, and insurance policy protocols and legislation are nonexistent. On the flip side, Uber drivers driving more than regular drivers also means they have more practice and are hopefully safer. No matter how safe Uber is or isn't, you need to know what to do in case of an accident.


How to use an Uber gift card

Uber Gift Card

These days everyone offers gift cards including ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. Gift cards are easy to purchase and are available almost anywhere including the post office, grocery stores, Walmart or even online through retailers like amazon.com. A gift cards is also easy to use if you know what to do it once you once you receive one.

An Uber gift card allows you to add the purchased funds to your Uber account. These funds can be used on both rides or for deliveries through Uber Eats. Here's how to add an Uber gift card:


How to help your Uber driver spot you and other helpful tips

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Finding your Uber in crowded situations like after a sporting event can be troublesome especially when it is dark. There are typically many ride share services in the same area making it hard to identify your personal driver. You can use the Uber Beacon to identify your driver and to help the driver identify you in a crowd where many people may also be waiting for rides. To activate your Beacon, tap the Uber logo in the lower right hand corner of the app after your ride has been selected. You can then use the color selector to choose a color to be displayed in your driver's window. After your preferred color is selected hold up your device when your driver is near. Your phone will display your color and help your driver identify you.



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