Bar Roulette makes it easy to find new bars and break your routine

Bar Roulette iOS app

When you live in a big city, it’s hard to not eventually fall into a routine over time.

Even though you are in a situation where an entire world of unknown destinations is available to you, the tendency for many is to stick to the same. You work the same job, you come home to watch the same shows on Netflix and, when you go out, it’s with the same friends to the same bars.

While it’s perfectly natural to develop a routine and stick to the same old habits, there are times when an sense of adventure takes hold of you. While you could please this wild side by packing up everything you own and moving to the most remote corner of the Earth, why not start with something a little simpler and just try a new bar?

If the thought of leaving your favorite bar and trying something new fills you with an unreasonable amount of dread, you’re not alone. It’s why a service known as Bar Roulette became so popular when it was revealed last year, and it’s why you absolutely need to download their recently released free iPhone app.

Bar Roulette essentially turns the experience of finding a new bar into a game. It works with Uber, FourSquare and Yelp to not only help you identify the best nearby bars, but arrange a ride for you there as well. The amusing catch to this entire experience is that you will have no idea where exactly you are going until you actually arrive.

Here’s how it works. You start by entering your current location and Uber log-in information. From there, Bar Roulette will ask if you wish to use Yelp or Foursquare review data and what your price range is. From there, you will only be told how far away it is and that a ride has been arranged for you. Your destination is only revealed when you get there.

Not only is this a fun way to find new places, but the speed of the service combined with its mysterious nature helps to eliminate much of the doubt and debate that comes with trying a new place. Those wishing to satisfy their adventurous side in the near future may find that Bar Roulette’s new app is the perfect way to just get out there and find new pleasures.

Bar Roulette - go bar hopping is free on the App Store and requires iOS 9.0 or later to install.