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Google Mobile App Gets Update, New Goggles

Google has updated the Google Mobile app once again, this time to version The notable changes are added functionality to the Google Goggles part of the app centering around photo recognition. For those not familiar with Goggles, the app recognizes images and allows users to search using a photo taken with their iPhone camera.

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The new version will recognize print ads from August 2010 forward, making it possible to simply snap a photo of a magazine or newspaper ad to get more information about a product or manufacturer online. Not only this, but Google has incorporated a Sudoku puzzle solver into the mix. Snap a photo of the puzzle that has you stumped and Goggles will show you the solution.

Google Mobile iPhone App Gets Push Notifications

The latest version of Google Mobile for the iPhone features some great improvements, including push notification functionality. The mobile Google app (now at now features an icon badge with the number of unread emails on your linked Gmail accounts. Push notifications that pop up on your home screen can be sent when a calendar event is about to take place on your Google calendar schedule.

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