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Google Translate App Gets Word Lens and More

Google Translate received a major update, to version 3.1.0 with several new features. The iOS app continues to improve, with Word Lens integration for live text translation. Aiming the iPhone camera at printed text, such as a sign or restaurant menu will reveal an instant translation via augmented reality.

iOS app Google Translate

This feature translates French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish into English and vice versa for starters. Google plans to add more languages to Word Lens soon. In the meantime, 36 languages can be translated using a still photo of text. Once the text is captured, words or sentences can be highlighted for translation.

Google Translate iPhone App Listens and Speaks

Those looking for a Babel Fish can now have the next best thing on their iPhones. Today Google released the iOS version of its Translate app. This mobile powerhouse will translate between more than 50 different languages. What's more, Google Translate listens to spoken sentences in 15 different languages and spits out a written translation.

Google Translate iOS app speaks

Text in 23 languages can also be spoken aloud by your iPhone with the press of a button. The app also features a zoom capability that makes the translated text large on your screen to show another person what you're trying to say. Speaking words into the app is as simple as pressing the microphone button, while entering text with the keyboard is also possible.

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