Gridlock 2.0

Anchor Keeps iOS Home Screen Icons in Place

Tired of app icons bouncing all over the place when iOS is in wiggle mode? The jailbreak tweak Anchor puts a stop to this automatic alignment behavior. With Anchor installed, the home screen is converted into a static grid.

iOS 8 spaces on home screen”  title=

Once installed, spaces can be left between iOS app icons. Any app configuration can be used, arranging icons anywhere on the grid without automatic sorting. While previous jailbreak tweaks such as Gridlock do the same thing, Anchor updates the concept for iOS 8.

Chpwn Releases Gridlock 2.0 With iOS 6 Support

I finally upgraded from iOS 5.0.1 to iOS 6.1.2 and jailbroke my device using evasi0n. While I'm happy about being all caught up and ready for the iOS 6.1.3 patch, I was also disappointed to learn Apple changed how icon movement works. This means tweaks such as AlwaysArrange have been rendered useless on iOS 6. However, themers will be hapy to know jailbreak developer chpwn has updated the very popular jailbreak tweak Gridlock with iOS 6 support.

iPhone App Tweak

Gridlock 2.0 allows you to place your app icons anywhere on your Home screen without other apps replacing them. This gives you the ability to create different patterns, or to show off your wallpaper by moving apps out of the way. Gridlock 2.0 is much better than using blank icons or hiding apps with other jailbreak tweaks.

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