iPhone Attaches to Anything With Flexible Tripod

The name of the product is appropriate. Joby's latest Gorillamobile flexible tripod is designed to bend around anything, making your iPhone into a hands-free device instantly. With 24 individual 360 degree leg joints, flexible could be an understatement.

iphone tripod joby

The legs can be straightened to form a normal miniature tripod. What the leg joints make possible are a wide range of positions that are capable of attaching your iPhone to a bike handlebar or a signpost. Just wrap the legs around it and Gorillamobile will hold in place with rubber pads.

Review: V-Moda Vibe Duo Earbuds

One of the highest selling category of accessories for the Apple iPhone will no doubt be replacement
headphones and earbuds. Though almost everyone would agree that the included Apple iPhone earbuds are adequate, few would describe them as stellar, and they certainly won't suit the growing
community of audiophiles out there.

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