Apple allegedly developing wireless Bluetooth earphones for iPhone 7 launch

Bragi Dash Headphones

By now you have probably heard the rumor that the iPhone 7 will not include a headphone jack. If the reports are true, this means the current EarPods that ship with all iPhone models will not be supported by Apple's next-generation headset. The iPhone-maker is allegedly developing a new set of Bluetooth Beats earphones that will ship alongside the iPhone 7, according to 9to5Mac.

How to Take a Selfie Using Your iPhone Headphones

Even though the addition of the front-facing camera on most smartphones has eliminated the "selfie arm," there is another way to snap the perfect self portrait using your iPhone's headphones.

iPhone Selfie

To take a picture using your headphones, just aim your phone and push the + button on the your Apple earbuds remote while the camera app is open. You can also use the play/pause button in the middle of the remote to start and stop recording video when in video mode. Of course your headphones will need to be plugged into your device for this trick to work.

Buy One Get One Half Price: Z.buds iPhone Earbuds by ZAGG Audio

ZAGG is now offering Z.buds on their website at a discount. Buy one get one half price! Not only that, in the time since we reviewed the Z.buds on this site, ZAGG has introduced two new nylon cord colors, yellow and pink.

zagg z.buds iphone yellow

ZAGG is offering the discounted price until February 28th... but wait, there's more. Ordering two pairs ($79.99 + $39.99) makes your order with ZAGG over $100, so they throw in a FREE USB dual car charger!

zagg z.buds iphone USB dual charger 12v car

All products from ZAGGaudio come with a 45 day money-back guarantee, and ZAGG's lifetime trade-in guarantee. If your Z.buds should ever fail you, ZAGG will replace them for a $20 deductible that covers diagnostics, repair/replacement, disposal, processing, and shipping and handling.

Review: Z.buds iPhone Earbuds by ZAGG Audio

Sometimes it's easy to forget that the iPhone is capable of producing quality audio. If you're going to spend money on accessories, a headphone upgrade is essential. The stock earbuds are functional, but let's face the facts. The white plastic earbuds that everyone wears don't sound that great. They're not very comfortable to wear for long periods, and the cord gets tangled after two seconds in a jacket pocket. Getting a pair of Z.buds is like getting a whole new iPhone. Let me tell you why.

Zagg Introduces Z.buds, Perhaps the Best iPhone Earbuds/Headphones Ever

Amongst the Black Friday mayhem Zagg, makers of the invisibleSHIELD, have announced today what just may be the best set of iPhone earbuds released to date, the Zagg Z.buds. They also just may be the best afforable holiday gift for iPhone owners. Now, in all fairness, we've yet to get our hands on the Z.buds in order to review them (though we will have a review available soon enough).


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