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Vimeo delivers HDR video support to Apple devices


Vimeo continues its tradition of high-quality video streaming with updates designed to take advantage of the latest Apple devices. The iPhone X, Apple TV 4K and the latest iPad Pro models all support high dynamic range (HDR) video. Vimeo automatically detects HDR content and displays it on devices that support HDR playback.

Lightroom app gets 'Authentic HDR' mode

Adobe Lightroom Authentic HDR

Adobe has updated Lightroom Mobile to version 2.7.0. The latest release adds a new feature described as "Authentic HDR" to Apple devices, and makes it possible to export original RAW images directly to the iOS camera roll. While the native Camera app includes its own HDR functionality, Adobe touts their raw HDR as a superior shooting mode.

Enable Auto HDR Mode on the iPhone 5s Camera

One of the many enhancements included with the recent iOS 7.1 update makes it easier for iPhone 5s owners to snap HDR photos. Leaving HDR on all the time means that in some cases, photos are not improved. Not only this, but saving both the normal and HDR versions of images can clog up the Camera Roll quickly and lead to time wasted deleting photos.

iPhone HDR photo auto

Apple has added a new, convenient way for iPhone 5s users to allow the Camera app to decide whether HDR is likely to improve the exposure of a scene. Once the iPhone is updated to iOS 7.1, the Camera will default to HDR Auto mode when first opened. A yellow box above the shutter release button will indicate when HDR mode is being used.

How to Take HDR Photos on Your iPhone 3GS

Apple surprised everyone when they announced that iOS 4.1 would add High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography capabilities to iPhone cameras. HDR combines two or more photos at different exposures to create an optimal scene. Unfortunately, some iPhone 3GS owners were even more surprised that they would not receive the feature when updating.

apple iphone 4.1 HDR photo

Although the iPhone 4 upgraded the rear camera to 5.0 megapixels and added a flash, light sensor and HD video recording, iPhone 3GS owners can still get excellent pictures with the previous 3.0 megapixel model. Already the 5x digital zoom feature (added in iOS 4) works well on the 3GS, and HDR can be a simple download away.

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