iCloud Calendar

How do I hide my work, personal, holiday and other calendars on my iPhone calendar?

If you have several calendars synching with your iCloud Calendar it can get a bit crowded. You can easily hide other calendars by tapping the "Calendars" button at the bottom center. Now you can simply check off the ones you want to see and leave the ones you don't want to show unchecked. You can tap "Hide all" to hide all the calendars from an imported source like a Gmail calendar. Tap "Done" in the top right when you are finished.

How to link an iCloud Calendar to Amazon Alexa

Amazon Dot Alexa

Recently Apple fans found out how to get Amazon Alexa on iPhone. Now Amazon has added more convenience for iCloud Calendar users who happen to have an Alexa device including the Echo Dot, Amazon Echo or Echo Show. Thanks to the latest update, Alexa is capable of interacting with a linked iCloud Calendar account.

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