iCloud Drive

How can I downgrade from iCloud Drive to Documents in the Cloud?

The upgrade to iCloud Drive is a one way street. This means that once switched over to iCloud Drive, the process is irreversible.

iOS 8 iCloud Drive downgrade

Since a downgrade back to Documents in the Cloud is not possible, the only alternative option is to switch off iCloud Drive. This process is performed on iOS 8 under Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive.

What are the minimum requirements to use iCloud Drive?

Apple's new storage service provides 5 GB free, with subscription tiers available for more space. Users can access files from iOS devices or a computer, however certain requirements must be met.

iOS 8 iCloud Drive requirements

The following is needed to use iCloud Drive:

iOS devices must be running iOS 8 or later.
A computer running OS X Yosemite (version 10.10 or later) or Windows 7 or later with iCloud for Windows 4.0 installed.

How Can I Browse iCloud Drive Files with iOS 8?

iCloud Drive brings new functionality to iCloud for those running iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Even Windows 7 and later can join in the fun via iCloud for Windows 4.0. While iCloud Drive adds the ability to use Apple's massive data centers for general storage, there are limitations when using iOS 8.

iOS 8 iCloud Drive pic1

Spoiler alert: there is no Finder equivalent or iCloud Drive app for iOS that provides browse access to all of the files stored in an iCloud account. Individual apps such as the iWork suite are iCloud Drive compatible, and will only provide access to files associated with the app.


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