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How to recover deleted files from iCloud

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Deleted some important files from iCloud Drive by mistake? All hope is not lost, as iCloud saves deleted files for 30 days. Anytime within this window documents and files in the iCloud trash can be restored. After 30 days has elapsed, the files will be deleted permanently. Restoring accidentally deleted photos, documents and other files can be accomplished using a web browser.

How to delete files stored in iCloud


iPhone owners may notice their storage space on iCloud is filling up as mail, app data, backups and more accumulate. Whether your iCloud account is free (5 GB) or maxed out at a terabyte ($9.99 per month), it makes sense to keep unnecessary files to a minimum to maximize available space. Managing iCloud directly from the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can clear out junk and old files to free up space.

How do I save an email attachment directly to my iCloud Drive?

iOS 9 allows you to both add attachments to your emails and save attachments that you receive. To save an attachment directly to your iCloud Drive (or elsewhere), long press on the attachment within the body of the email. This brings up the Share options. Tap on the cloud symbol "Save Attachment" and it will take you to your iCloud drive.

How do I add the iCloud Drive app icon to my home screen in iOS 9?

If you use iCloud Drive you will definitely want to add the new app (that debuted with iOS 9) to your home screen. This will make viewing and editing files much easier. Surprisingly, it doesn't show up automatically, so you have to toggle a setting to get it to show up. Go to Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive and toggle "Show on Home Screen" to on. Now you can tap on the icon and navigate around your iCloud Drive.


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