iPhone 4S

What is the price / cost of the iPhone 4S?

The iPhone 4S comes in black and white in 3 different models, with the following pricing:

iPhone 4S 16GB - $199
iPhone 4S 32GB - $299
iPhone 4S 64GB - $399

Please note: these prices reflect Sprint, Verizon and AT&T subsidized pricing. Please refer to our FAQ on unsubsidized / no-contract pricing for the iPhone 4S if you are looking for information on obtaining the iPhone 4S before you are eligible for an upgrade with your carrier.

What is the unsubsidized or no-contract price / cost of the iPhone 4S?

Customers that are not eligible for upgrade / subsidized pricing on the iPhone 4S have a couple of options:

1) buy their iPhone at non-subsidized / early-upgrade pricing through Apple or their carrier at the folliowing prices:

iPhone 4S 16GB - $449
iPhone 4S 32GB - $549
iPhone 4S 64GB - $649

iPhone 4S 16GB - $649
iPhone 4S 32GB - $749
iPhone 4S 64GB - $849

Will the iPhone 4S work on any carrier / network?

Although the iPhone 4S has all the hardware required to work on any GSM or CDMA network, the standard model sold in the US and overseas will be carrier-locked to the specific network you are purchasing it for.

Presumably, after some time, owners will be able to use iPhone jailbreaking and unlocking tools to remove this restriction -- but, as always, this comes with the risk of voiding your warranty and/or bricking your phone (though these risks are much less of a concern these days).

Will unlimited data plans be grandfathered in for the iPhone 4S?

Yes, unlimited data is sticking around, for now.

If you're a customer that has been on the unlimited data plan since it's inception, we now know you will have the option to select the unlimited data plan when you commit to a new 2-year agreement at the time of purchasing or pre-ordering your iPhone 4S.

The unlimited data plan will cost $30 per month.


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