iPhone 4S

Leaked Photos Show White iPhone 5 with Larger Screen

A prototype of the next iPhone has allegedly been revealed in photos by MIC Gadget. Some are calling the model an iPhone 4S since it relies heavily on the current iPhone design for its form factor. Seen below, the next generation iPhone in white features a larger screen than its predecessor.

iphone 5 leaked photo small bezel A5 processor

Although the authenticity of the photo can't be assured, this image corroborates several prior reports of a smaller bezel and edge-to-edge screen, cited as 3.7 or 4 inches compared to the current 3.5 inch screen on the iPhone 4. The model pictured above looks like it could be thinner than current iPhone models as well.

What will the iPhone 5 look like in September?

Sources describing the next iPhone have fallen into two camps, those who predict a complete redesign from Apple, and others claiming the device will remain much like the iPhone 4. Despite the appearance of several mockups indicating a radical departure from the current design, recent evidence points to a step change and possibly even a name that's more modest: the iPhone 4S. Much like the iPhone 3GS was just an iPhone 3G with improved hardware inside, it's looking more likely Apple could take this route with the next device.

iphone 5 mockup slim iPod touch

The design above illustrates one of the possible departures from the current iPhone 4 form factor, leading the next handset more in the direction of the iPod touch or iPad 2. Other designs have been described by some in the industry with mysterious sources at Apple and elsewhere that show a similar theme, metal back and slim profile without the silver external antenna so commonly discussed on the current model.


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