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iPhoneSIMFree Releases Working iPhone Unlock for Firmware Version 1.1.1

iPhoneSIMFree, the for-profit developers who brought you the first publically available iPhone software unlock solution, have doubled their efforts and released the first working software unlock for iPhones running firmware version 1.1.1.

Hackers Regain Access to iPhone Under Firmware 1.1.1

Erica Sadun of TUAW, well known in the iPhone community for "Erica's utilities", has been liveblogging her attempt to replicate the success of two iPhone hackers, named "dinopio" and "Edgan", who have recently regained access to the full file tree of the iPhone through a bit of upgrade trickery. The latest update show that Erica has acheived similar success, proven by screen shots she has posted.

Evidently, access was regained by symbolically linking (symlinking) a portion of the iPhone's filesystem prior to an upgrade from firmware version 1.0.2 to version 1.1.1. The symlink in question is created by backing up the phone's Media directory and then symlinking the filesystem root to the Media directory.

Once the symlink is in place and the iPhone is upgraded, access is gained to the entire file tree using iPHUC (the iPhone Utility Client). In Sadun's tests, read and write access is tested and working, and a copy of the new Mobile Music Store application (MobileStore.app) has been pulled down.

The hope is that this latest development will give hackers the access they need to once again re-open the

How can I downgrade my iPhone from firmware 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 or earlier?

Since Apple released iPhone firmware update 1.1.1, there has been a lot of griping and complaining about Apple "re-locking" the iPhone. Users with SIM unlocked iPhones have had their phones bricked, while those who installed third party enhancements and applications on their iPhone have had these applications rendered useless.

Thankfully, thanks to a user in the Hackint0sh forums, a method of downgrading your iPhone firmware (previously thought to be impossible) is now available.


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