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iPhone Nano Rumors Rise From the Dead (Again)

Now that 2011 has come and gone without Apple launching a smaller, entry-level iPhone, the time is ripe for a resurgence of rumors on the topic. As we have come to expect every year, reports have arrived of an iPhone nano in the works. BGR gives us the scoop this time, citing China Times and their supplier connections.

iPhone nano resurfaces

To recap for those unfamiliar, the iPhone nano would be designed to help increase market share for iOS by providing a lower-end, less expensive smartphone. With a smaller profile the iPhone nano could also appeal to those seeking a simpler device with a more compact form factor.

Report: Apple Not Working on iPhone Nano

Contrary to recent reports from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, new information uncovered by the New York Times indicates that Apple is not developing a smaller iPhone. Anonymous sources that were allegedly briefed on the matter claim that Apple is considering offering a cheaper iPhone, but will not change its size.

apple iphone 5 cheaper nano model

The iPhone 5 is expected to debut this summer, and rumors have surfaced that Apple is experimenting with different form factors and even a physical keyboard. Although unlikely, these possible scenarios show how Apple is coming under pressure from a variety of Android handsets in the works. The New York Times insists that Apple has no such plans, and will produce an iPhone 5 that is similar in size to the current iPhone 4.

Smaller, Cheaper iPhone Coming Summer 2011

Just the other day, Bloomberg reported on the long-anticipated iPhone nano, a smaller iPhone in the works at Apple. Now the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that such a device is in development and should see release this summer. According to the report, the smaller iPhone will be around half the size of the current iPhone 4.

apple mini iphone nano N97 summer 2011

Patents for a mini-iPhone first surfaced almost four years ago, and since then Apple executives have discouraged rumors that a smaller smartphone is under development. Sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal claim to have seen a prototype device, dubbed the N97.

iPhone Nano in the Works for 2011?

Nobody can seem to get enough of the iPhone nano. Ever since the first news of a mini-iPhone patent surfaced almost four years ago, the concept refuses to disappear for more than a few months at a time. Now Bloomberg cites sources within Apple who say the smaller handset is indeed in the works.

apple iphone nano patent

According to the report, prototypes of the iPhone nano exist and have been considered as a way for Apple to increase competition against popular, cheaper Android devices. By using current-generation components Apple could reduce manufacturing costs on a new handset coming in at two-thirds the size of a normal iPhone.

iPhone Nano Patent Surfaces: Here We Go Again

The (inaccurate) furor over an impending iPhone Nano just got a shot in the arm. Apple patents described by MacNN have revealed a device that looks remarkably like a smaller version of the iPhone.

iPhone nano resurfaces

The device is approximately the size of the current iPod Nano, only 1/4 inch thick. Although the patent describes a front screen, the biggest change from current designs is a pressure-sensitive tactile control on the back.


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