Middle Manager of Justice

Middle Manager of Justice Gets Valentine's Day Update

If you're like me and ignore all app updates, or delete games if they're not updated every 20 seconds, you'll want to check your Middle Manager of Justice app. The new game from Double Fine Productions has received its first and much needed update. Version 1.1.0 brings a Valentine's Day mystery that you must solve in 29 days, new items to buy (Grass-fed Yak!) and a new mystery hero. The new version also fixes a few bugs, adds some new villains and achievements, and offers better iCloud support.

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I wish the update brought more customization for your office building, and more costumes, but I'll take this for now. Hopefully the Double Fine Productions team has many more updates planned for the future.

Middle Manager of Justice: Free and Addictive Strategy Game

I don't enjoy games that require I wait 15-minutes to an hour to watch a plant grow, or to build a building. Thankfully there are no long periods of twiddling your thumbs in Double Fine Productions' Middle Manager of Justice building/strategy game. Actions only take a few seconds or minutes, and there is plenty to do to keep you busy.

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Middle Manager puts you in charge of Justice Corp., a kind of superhero temp agency that has seen better days. You must recruit and train employees while rebuilding your headquarters and saving various cities. The goal of the game is to make well-rounded (Tip: Don't ignore training intelligence, it does come in handy) superheroes while supplying them with the best tools and work space to get the job done. The fun story lines, goofy characters and the ability to complete many actions quickly helps Middle Manager avoid being another snoozefest simulation-type game.

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