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Add 3D Touch gestures to iPhone notifications

3D Touch Notifications peek

The jailbreak tweak 3D Touch Notifications offers a new way to interact with iOS notifications from the Notification Center or lock screen. Once installed, peek and pop on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus can be accessed from the Notification Center just like native 3D Touch. A press will preview the notification contents, and a deep press opens the app.

Customize the iOS Notification Center with this tweak

Notification Cards

Now jailbroken users on iOS 9 can completely reorganize the Notification Center with the tweak NotificationCards. Once installed, this mod groups all notifications into individual app cards for easy viewing. All of the notifications for each app can be dismissed immediately by swiping on the card. There are also other ways to interact with app cards, and a variety of customizations in the settings.

Use notification keywords to trigger Activator actions

tweak NotiAction

Ever wish your iPhone would automatically perform actions when a specific notification arrives? Maybe not, but the developer of NotiAction has made this possible. The tweak works by scanning for keywords contained in incoming notifications. If a word listed in the filters arrives, the associated Activator action will execute immediately. NotiAction settings contain slots for 10 different notification filters, and the keywords can contain wildcards.

How to Add Widgets to Your Notification Center in iOS 8

Prior to iOS 8, Apple only allowed its native apps like Calendar, Reminders, and Stocks to push data to your Notification Center. To be sure, there were jailbreak tweaks such as NCWeather that would let you add widgets, but that was not sanctioned by Apple and could've nullified your warranty. With the latest iOS, however, Apple has opened up the Notification Center to third party developers and there are already a bunch of apps with widgets available. For example, if you have the Sports Center app, it now has a widget available that you can add to your NC, which will show you updated scores, news, etc.

If you have updated to iOS 8 and want to add a widget to your iPhone's Notification Center, here's how:

1. Make sure you have an updated version of your app that includes iOS 8 widgets.

How to add widgets to Notification Center in iOS 8

2. Open your Notification Center by swiping down from the top of your screen.

Add a Quick Memo Widget to the Notification Center

Expanding the widgets and capabilities of Notification Center is a favorite hobby of jailbreak developers. Prolific note takers might like the recent jailbreak tweak NCMemo, which is available for free on Cydia. NCMemo inserts a text box directly into the Today tab of the iOS Notification Center.

iOS 7 jailbreak Notification Center widget

Once installed, NCMemo can be switched on under Notification Center -> NCMemo. The text box can be resized and moved directly within the Today tab. Colors and fonts appearing within the text box are fully customizable under Settings -> NCMemo. To create a note, just open the Notification Center from anywhere in iOS and enter text.


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