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Turn Off Notifications With DisableNC Switch Tweak

Running an app full screen on your iPhone can be great, until you accidentally swipe down from the top of the screen and bring up Notification Center. Interruptions like this can now be prevented thanks to a jailbreak tweak called DisableNC Switch.

DisableNC Switch tweak

The tweak is simple; once installed it adds a toggle switch under Settings -> DisableNC Switch which will turn off the Notification Center switch when full screen apps are active. Even though the switch will appear, the full Notification Center is prevented from covering up the screen.

iPhone iOS 5 IntelliscreenX Now Available in Public Beta

IntelliscreenX has arrived to improve iOS 5 Notification Center and add access to notifications, widgets, emails and more directly from the lock screen. Intelliborn has launched the app in a public beta phase with a free trial. When the final version is released the software package will cost $9.99.

IntelliscreenX icon Cydia

Those upgrading to IntelliscreenX from a previous version will only pay $7.99, and if you've purchased Intelliscreen after 9/20 you get the upgrade for free. Intelliscreen is routinely cited as one of the big reasons to jailbreak your iPhone, because it puts important information at your fingertips right from the lock screen.

Sanity Prevails: Notification Center on the Lockscreen with IntelliscreenX

Every now and then you wish for something and you get it. That's essentially what is about to happen for me and a whole host of others who have been wanting more from iOS 5's Notification Center. It was just days ago that I wrote about Apple's biggest blunders with Notification Center and a few days later the developers at Intelliborn, developers of the popular Intelliscreen jailbreak app, have announced their latest app, IntelliscreenX. IntelliscreenX, as it turns out, is here to make Notification Center what it should have been in the first place.

intelliscreen x jailbreak app

Like it's predecessor in Intelliscreen, IntelliscreenX's main purpose to to allow you to put all sorts of useful information on your lock screen. However, this latest incarnation does so by leveraging Apple's already excellent Notification Center, first and foremost by allowing Notification Center to be seen where it is most useful.

5 Biggest iOS 5 Notification Center Failures

Let me start by saying that none of the items mentioned in this list are new discoveries. All of the gripes below could have been noted months ago, after Apple first introduced iOS 5. If not then, it could have been revealed by reading the numerous descriptions of Notification Center from IOS developers and other users that installed one of iOS 5's many beta versions. Instead, I plodded along ignorantly, happily enjoying the world of jailbroken notification handling (via programs such as LockInfo and Intelliscreen), assuming that when Apple released iOS 5, I'd have all the intuitive, useful goodness I'd been enjoying for so long built right in. Boy, was I wrong.

ios5 notification center lockscreen

Apple seems to have taken a good idea and executed it surprisingly poorly. Concepts which seem as though they'd be simple common sense are simply ignored. Instead of feeling complete, the Notification Center implementation seems rushed, with obvious needs overlooked.

While there are other complaints, here are what I consider to be the 5 biggest oversights with the new iOS 5 Notification Center.

iOS 5 Features Now: Install Notification Center

Apple plans to release the iOS 5 Notification Center this fall, which makes it possible to easily access information from the lock screen or anytime with a simple gesture on the task bar. Fortunately for those who have already jailbroken their iOS devices similar functionality already exists. All it takes is a properly installed and configured tweak called LockInfo.

iOS 5 Notification Center now Cydia

Although LockInfo costs $7.99, the app is worth the price for the new features it makes possible right now. It also comes with a 14-day free trial so you don't have to commit before trying out the app. If you don't think it's worth the money Cydia can easily remove LockInfo before or after the free trial ends. To install and configure LockInfo follow these steps:


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