IntelliScreenX 7 Gets iOS 7.1.x Support

One of the key jailbreak tweaks since iOS 5 has been IntelliScreenX. Calling it a tweak is actually an understatement considering how profoundly it expands the functionality of the lock screen and Notification Center. Developer Intelliborn has released iOS 7.1.x support for those jailbreaking the latest version of iOS with Pangu.

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This is great news for anyone interested in seeing what Intelliborn calls "The reason to jailbreak iOS 7". A three-day free trial means new users can try it out before they drop any cash on Cydia. Discounts on the $9.99 purchase price are available for users who have previously bought the tweak.

IntelliScreenX 7 Gets Improvements, Bug Fixes

Looking for a reason to jailbreak your iPhone? IntelliScreenX 7 continues developer Intelliborn's tradition of providing a comprehensive Notification Center overhaul. Once installed, the iPhone lock screen goes from useless to an interactive information center.

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For those who may have installed IntelliScreenX 7 after release and were a bit perplexed about some of the features of the tweak, rest assured that bug fixes and improvements continue to be implemented. Users can now control lock display behavior, toggle the Messages+ compose button, and rest assured that the preset passcode lock time delay will be honored by IntelliScreenX 7.

See the Video Preview of IntelliscreenX for iOS 7

Many jailbreak fans are anxiously awaiting the release of Intelliborn’s flagship lock screen tweak for iOS 7. The developer has teased that Intelliscreen X 7 will be worth the wait, and has now launched a preview video and screenshots of what’s to come.

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Intelliscreen has been around for some time, with previous versions integrating flawlessly into the iPhone notification center and lock screen. The tweak is on a short list of reasons to jailbreak iOS, and has been featured as a must-have jailbreak tweak on iOS 6.

Must Have iOS 6 Jailbreak Tweaks: IntelliScreenX

Now that you've jailbroken your iPhone 5 or another iOS device running iOS 6.0-6.1 it's time to install tweaks and customizations to get the most out of your jailbreak. IntelliScreenX 6 has the motto "the way iOS's lock screen should be" for a reason. The tweak has been in development for years and now brings a wealth of new features to the notification center.

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First and foremost, IntelliScreenX makes it possible to quickly swipe down from the status bar when the device is locked and get access to current information. Of course, if you're worried about security you can disable this feature in Settings -> IntelliScreenX and still enjoy all of the enhancements to the Notification Center from the home screen.

iPhone iOS 5 IntelliscreenX Now Available in Public Beta

IntelliscreenX has arrived to improve iOS 5 Notification Center and add access to notifications, widgets, emails and more directly from the lock screen. Intelliborn has launched the app in a public beta phase with a free trial. When the final version is released the software package will cost $9.99.

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Those upgrading to IntelliscreenX from a previous version will only pay $7.99, and if you've purchased Intelliscreen after 9/20 you get the upgrade for free. Intelliscreen is routinely cited as one of the big reasons to jailbreak your iPhone, because it puts important information at your fingertips right from the lock screen.

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