IntelliScreenX 7 Gets Improvements, Bug Fixes

Looking for a reason to jailbreak your iPhone? IntelliScreenX 7 continues developer Intelliborn's tradition of providing a comprehensive Notification Center overhaul. Once installed, the iPhone lock screen goes from useless to an interactive information center.

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For those who may have installed IntelliScreenX 7 after release and were a bit perplexed about some of the features of the tweak, rest assured that bug fixes and improvements continue to be implemented. Users can now control lock display behavior, toggle the Messages+ compose button, and rest assured that the preset passcode lock time delay will be honored by IntelliScreenX 7.

Once installed, dragging to the left on the lock screen will reveal circular icons that provide specific streams of information directly on the lock screen.

Toggles determine whether or not IntelliScreenX 7 will display automatically on the lock screen, and exactly what information to display. Calendar events, reminders, email, Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds can be displayed along with notifications from any number of apps. When invoking the Notification Center, the ISX section provides current weather and notifications along with other details.

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In addition to an overall kill switch, IntelliScreenX 7 can be restricted from the lock screen. While this reduces the usability of the tweak, it will provide additional security for those concerned about their information showing up in a ticker on the lock screen. Cosmetic options such as blur or tint can be customized, and if desired the included tweak Messages+ can be configured for quick replies to messages.

Key to IntelliScreenX 7 functionality is the ability to interact with notifications, such as reading messages, marking them read, and even replying without ever leaving the lock screen or Notification Center. A new feature called Slide provides quick access to recently used apps from the app switcher. Swiping down from the top left corner of the lock screen or home screen will invoke Slide. Apps can be whitelisted to make them interactive directly from the lock screen.

IntelliScreenX 7 is available on Cydia from the ModMyi repository for $9.99, with a three-day free trial. The upgrade for IntelliScreenX 6 users is free. Those who were IntelliScreenX users can grab the upgrade for $4.99, and original IntelliScreen users can upgrade for $7.99. Check here for instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 7.x with evasi0n 7. You can also find out how to purchase and install Cydia tweaks with this guide.