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Snooze iOS Notifications with This Tweak

Postponing a notification for later in iOS is not possible with a stock system. Repeat Alerts can be set for Messages under Settings -> Notification Center -> Messages, however these only happen at pre-set 2 minute intervals. What about delaying a notification from another app?

iOS 7 jailbreak notify repeat

This is where the free tweak NotifyMeAgain can help those with jailbroken iOS 7 devices. In place of repeated alerts, NotifyMeAgain uses two simple gestures to delay re-notification alerts from any app. A swipe left on the notification banner will delay an alert by one interval of time, while swiping right can be set to another delay. This can help to remind the user of notifications that can't be dealt with immediately.

Get Icon Badges to Match the iOS Notification Center

Some jailbreak tweaks are devoted to the details, polishing the user experience even further than stock iOS. One such tweak is MarkAsRead7, which supports jailbroken devices running iOS 7.1.x. MarkAsRead7 has just one function, eliminating what has become a pet peeve for some Notification Center users.

iOS 7 jailbreak MarkAsRead7

Normally when clearing notifications from the Notification Center, icon badges for the associated app on the home screen are not cleared. For example, until a message is actually read in the Messages app, the icon badge remains. Once installed, MarkAsRead7 hides badges for these cleared notifications immediately.

iPhone Tweak Improves Banner Notifications

Sometimes you're in the middle of reading something on the iPhone and an incoming banner notification suddenly covers up the top of the screen. This can be irritating if the content is important or you're doing something else that requires more display real estate. If you're iPhone is jailbroken, now you can install CoverMeNot to improve these banner notifications.

Cydia tweak CoverMeNot notifications

What CoverMeNot does is simple but effective. The images above illustrate what happens when the tweak is installed and a notification banner appears. The status bar at the top of the screen is automatically made wider to match the size of the notification banner.

Get iOS 6 Features Now: Twitter Widget in Notification Center

One of the cool features coming to iOS 6 this fall is a Twitter widget for the Notification Center. Users can also expect a similar Facebook widget when the service is fully integrated into the iOS system with version 6. In the meantime, it's possible to install the Twitter widget right now on jailbroken devices.

Cydia Twitter Widget iOS 6 demo

After jailbreaking your iOS 5 device, you can find the iOS 6 Twitter Widget in Cydia under Addons (Notification Center). The package comes to us free from developer Mathieu Hendey on the BigBoss repository. Once installed, the add on can be activated by navigating to Settings -> Notification Center -> Twitter Widget -> ON.

Turn Off Notifications With DisableNC Switch Tweak

Running an app full screen on your iPhone can be great, until you accidentally swipe down from the top of the screen and bring up Notification Center. Interruptions like this can now be prevented thanks to a jailbreak tweak called DisableNC Switch.

DisableNC Switch tweak

The tweak is simple; once installed it adds a toggle switch under Settings -> DisableNC Switch which will turn off the Notification Center switch when full screen apps are active. Even though the switch will appear, the full Notification Center is prevented from covering up the screen.


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