iPhone 5 Support and More in Pandora Update

With Apple working on its own streaming radio service through iTunes, Pandora continues to improve its leading software to stay ahead of the pack. Their latest iOS app, now version 4.0 brings iPhone 5 display support and a long list of new features to Pandora Radio for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Pandora app iOS

Now Pandora makes it possible to share music directly with friends using social media. You can also find new music by seeing what others are listening to on the Music Feed. Pandora has also added full artist discographies and lyrics for all of the songs they play.

How to Get Unlimited Skips in Pandora

Pandora users are limited to the amount of times they can skip a song depending on what type of account they have. This restriction can be annoying by causing you to get stuck listening to songs that you don't care for or heard too many times. Luckily there is a way to get unlimited skips thanks to Cydia.

Pandora skips hack

Due to the terms of Pandora's music licenses, Pandora One listeners are only allowed to skip 6 songs per hour (per station). Free listeners are limited to 12 skips per day. Giving a song a "Thumbs Down" or "I'm tired of this song" rating after it is finished, does not count as a skip. But if you truly grow tired of a song, and decide to make it official while its playing, it will cost you one skip.


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