Palm's Cat and Mouse Game With Apple

Spoiler alert! Updating to iTunes 9.0.2 will break your ability to sync media to the Palm Pre. Apple has thwarted those wily webOS programmers at Palm for the third time this year.

palm pre release

Palm has been duping the Apple software into thinking its Pre smartphone is an iPod. One of the selling points to the Pre was how easily existing iTunes users could sync their media files with the device.

Palm Asking For Trouble With Pre iTunes Sync?

Could a healthy smartphone rivalry turn into all-out legal war between Palm and Apple? The Palm Pre has been found to sync effortlessly with Apple's flagship software iTunes by tricking the software into thinking it's an iPod.

The Pre is due for release on June 6th, and Apple is widely expected to release the next generation of its iPhone later this summer. Apple watchers are waiting to see what response, if any, the company will make to the revelation concerning the Pre's iTunes syncing capabilities.


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