TomTom Drops iPhone App Price to $50

For a limited time TomTom has released a US-only version of its GPS navigation iPhone application for $49.99. Normally the application includes US and Canadian maps for double the price ($99.99).

The separate car kit accessory dock is available for $119.95 and includes an external speaker and built-in GPS. The car kit also charges the iPhone when docked using the car 12 VDC cigarette lighter adaptor.

TomTom iPhone GPS Kit Now Available

The day has finally come for fans of the TomTom iPhone car accessory. The device, which acts as a dock for your iPhone can be ordered through the Apple Store. Unfortunately the product will not ship for another 2-3 weeks.

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For a price of $119.95 and free shipping, the TomTom car kit will provide an external speaker for turn-by-turn GPS navigation. It plugs into the car with a cigarette lighter adaptor to provide power to the iPhone.

TomTom iPhone Car Kit: More Details Emerge

TomTom's iPhone car kit accessory should hit shelves any day now. The device is currently under review by the FCC, and with added software will provide turn-by-turn directions while fixing the iPhone or iPod Touch on the car windshield.

iphone gps software

It works in conjunction with the TomTom iPhone application, available now on the App Store for $99.99 (US and Canada version). The car kit has its own GPS chip, making it possible that other third-party navigation apps can be used with the accessory in combination with an iPod Touch or iPhone.

Navigon iPhone GPS Features One-Time Cost

The TomTom iPhone GPS hardware and software combination may have been featured by Apple at this year's WWDC, however Navigon has already hit the marketplace. Navigon is a full-featured turn-by-turn GPS navigation system for iPhone.

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Navigon's MobileNavigator North America is available now on the Apple App Store. Although the price sounds steep at $69.99 (increasing to $99.99 on August 16th), this is a one-time cost with no ongoing subscription fees. In contrast, AT&T Navigator is a free download, but incurs a monthly fee of $9.95.

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