How to delete WhatsApp messages before they are read

How to delete WhatsApp sent messages on iPhone and iPad.

Most people likely have countless messages that they have sent in anger or while inebriated that they immediately regret (or regret the next day). If only there was a way to take them back... Unfortunately you can't take back iMessages, but if you are a fan of WhatsApp, the service now has a feature that lets you do exactly that. It doesn't guarantee the recipient won't see the message, and it won't help for the regret-the-next-day messages, but it does give the sender a seven minute window in which they can delete their sent message from the recipient's thread. Here's how to do it:

How to delete a WhatsApp account

How to delete a WhatsApp account on iPhone and iPad.

If at some point you downloaded WhatsApp and created an account because it was trendy at the time or you had a legitimate one-time use for it, but now never use it and want to de-clutter your phone and make some space, you probably want to delete your account rather than just getting rid of the app. This can easily be done through the iPhone app. Deleting your account will delete all of your account info and profile photo, delete you from any WhatsApp groups you are in, and delete your message history
from your iPhone and your iCloud backup. Here's how to do it:

How do I update my status on WhatsApp?

To share photos or videos in your Status, tap the Status icon in the bottom left and then tap My Status. Now you can take a picture with the shutter button or record a video by holding the shutter button. Flash and low light settings are at the top right, front/back camera is in the bottom right. Choose a photo or video from your library with the icon on the bottom left. Once you make a selection you can add a caption, rotate, add emoji, text or doodle on it. Tap the blue button in the bottom right to set it as your status. Your status will automatically disappear after 24 hours.



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