Getting started with WhatsApp on iPhone

How to use WhatsApp on iPhone.

WhatsApp is a free cross-platform messaging service that uses the internet to send messages and make phone calls to other WhatsApp users, regardless of where they are or what device they are using, provided they are connected to the internet. The primary advantage of WhatsApp is that messaging and calling over Wi-Fi is free (aside from whatever you pay for your own internet service, if that happens to be what you are connecting through).

WhatsApp Messenger is now free for all users

WhatsApp Messenger

The popular messaging app WhatsApp Messenger is ditching its annual subscription fee. WhatsApp founder Jan Koum announced today that the service will be completely free for all users. The company will instead offer other services through the app, such as the ability to communicate with third-party businesses and organizations.

"It really doesn’t work that well,” Koum said Monday, speaking at the DLD conference in Munich (via Redcode). "We just don’t want people to think at some point their communication to the world will be cut off."

How to Schedule Messages for Whatsapp

Sending messages with Whatsapp can be convenient, except there is no option to schedule a pre-set message for delivery. The appropriately named jailbreak tweak Message Scheduler for Whatsapp changes this by adding scheduling functionality directly to the app.

iOS 7 jailbreak

Once installed, Message Scheduler for Whatsapp has no settings to configure. The tweak works by adding a button titled "Schedule a message" to the message menu. Simply tap this option and choose the date and time when message delivery is desired.

WhatsApp to Add Voice Calls Later This Year

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum announced today that the messaging app will add voice call support in Q2 of this year. The announcement was made at Mobile World Congress currently being held in Barcelona, Spain.

WhatsApp Voice Calls

Koum said the new service will first be available on iOS and Android before landing on some BlackBerry and Nokia devices later in the year. The CEO also added that WhatsApps currently has 465 million monthly active users, and that 15 million of those users joined after Facebook bought the app for $19 billion last week.


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