Walmart Slashes iPhone 5, 4S and iPad 3 Prices

Update #3: From iLounge:

"Although iLounge contacted Walmart before posting this story to confirm that the $399 pricing did, in fact, apply to the fourth-generation iPad - and received unambiguous written confirmation of that detail from a spokesperson - the company has now retracted the claim, suggesting that the $399 price applies solely to the third-generation iPad."

However, we have received emails claiming some Walmarts are not even honoring the sale price for the iPad 3.

iPhone 5 Sale

Update #2: There seems to be some confusion as to what iPad is on sale. According to a Walmart rep, the deal is "the iPad 3 at the iPad 2 price". User comments on iLounge also say the deal is for the iPad 3.

"I just called my local Walmart and they said the $399 pricing is for the 16GB iPad 3rd generation, not the Retina display."

Update: Quick correction. Walmart is reducing the price of the iPad 3, not the fourth-generation iPad like we originally stated.

Not to be outdone by Best Buy and RadioShack, Walmart has announced it will be dropping the price of the 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad to $399, and will offer the 16GB iPhone 5 for just $127. Buying a new iPad will also score you a $30 iTunes gift card starting on Monday, and the iPhone 4S is being offered for only $47. Both the iPhone 4S and 5 deals include a two-year contract.

RadioShack and Best Buy have been offering deals on the iPhone 5 and 4S since early December. You can buy an iPhone 5 with two-year contract at The Shack for $179 until December 15, and Best Buy is giving away a $25 gift card with any two-year contract iPhone 5 purchase.

These are some surprising price cuts for newer Apple products, and it would be smart to take advantage of these deals for the upcoming holidays. Obviously Walmart is offering the best deal out of the three retailers. We'll have to wait and see if RadioShack extends its deal, and if Best Buy comes up with something better than a $25 gift card.

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I saw this posting and headed to Walmart. I'm still in Walmart . another guy asked the same if it was on sale per various websites. the worker stated if that was true the store would have been packed. They checked the computer system and there was no mention of this sale. Maybe it's starts on Monday. Waste of gas money. Plus Walmart doesn't have this posted on their website.

This is bs! I work for Walmart and damn it the only price drop we had today was the iPhone that’s it! The slinking iPads are the same damn price as they have always been 499 for the 3rd gen. 16 G And 549 for the ret. display. All day all we heard was ppl asking about this iPad shit. It’s a bunch of bull hockey that the only heads up w our store got from corp. was about the iPhone 5 going on sale!!! Nothing what so ever about the iPads dropping! Apple & whom ever got this info for this shit needs to get it together cause 4237 had a ass of angry customers today!! Smh what would Sam W say!!!

I got the ipad3 for 399 @ Walmart today. It is the 16 gb. You can get a 30.00 itunes card starting dec.17th if you get your hands on one. Stores are limited and manager at my local walmart stated they won't be getting anymore in of that particular ipad. You won't find the sale in this weeks ad, workers didn't even know about it. Have them scan it and it will surprise them to see it reduced to 399.00 from 499.00. Good luck!

I got the $399 3rd gen with Retina display today in Pearl City, Hawaii. They told me this is the 3rd day of the sale and they were almost sold out. Alas, no iTunes gift card was included. Please note: It's the 4th gen (with the new connector port) that is $499. Both 3rd & 4th gen have Retina display, but 4th gen has a faster processor & better FaceTime camera.

iPad 2 is $399 but its always that price!

Today at 11:30 AM, I DID get the 3rd Gen wifi iPad with Retina display for $399. Note: This is NOT the current generation iPad, which starts at $499 nor is it the iPad 2 which is also at $399 and is non-Retina. The 3rd Gen has Retina display, the older connection port, and a slower processor than the current model. Still, it seems like a good deal since only 3 months ago this was the current & best model.

HOWEVER... There is NOT an iTunes $30 gift card. I made the 2nd level manager call around, no one had heard about it, posts all over the blogosphere show that nobody is getting the iTunes card. Some people are getting the discounted iPad; it depends which store you go to & how bright the staff is. I went to the store in Pearl City HI. When I bought my iPad, there were only 4 left. That was 4 hours ago.

I traveled to my local Super Walmart last night (Monday 12-17) for the iPad 3 $399 deal. They had two 3rd gen 16gb wi-fi ipads in stock but it rang up at $499. When questioned, management said they had not heard of any discount on iPad - let alone the $30 iTunes gift card offer. Why are some stores honoring this deal and others not?

The people at my local walmart, bless their hearts don't keep up with the deals as good as we might hope. To add to the confusion, there are several 16gb iPad configurations depending on your store and the inventory. Mine sold out of ipad 2's awhile back after the black friday sale. They have yet to receive any ipad 4's. That left the ipad 3's (retina of course) in the store. Once those go they already have ipad 4's on the way to replace them. They are just clearing their channel's. They had not changed the price tag on the rack yet from 499 to 399 but did so after I bought my ipad 3 yesterday. This information was as of December 17th, 2012, 5:00 pm CST. Good luck.

Forgot to mention, nobody at three different local Walmart locations had heard of the $30 itunes gift card offer. They informed me that the register would have indeed prompted them at time of purchase and on the receipt if that was a current offer. Still trying to get to the bottom on that, they told me to bring in something showing it from Walmart or flyer or something and they would give me one at customer service at a later date....