What's the highest score you can achieve on Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Ruins of Nas'de?

What's the highest score you can achieve on Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Ruins of Nas'de?

UPDATE 2: Help us uncover all the achievements and Easter Eggs in Kingdom Rush Origins here.

UPDATE: It looks like endless mode has signaled the end of updates for Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. Ironhide Games Studio have announced a third game is coming in the fall. Here's the first teaser image:

Kingdom Rush 3

Kingdom Rush Prequel
Ironhide Game Studio released Kingdom Rush Frontiers Version 1.5 on July 31, 2014. The update added an endless stage called "Ruins of Nas'de". The endless challenge mode tasks players with surviving as long as possible as they face an endless onslaught. Players can also earn points by surviving, defeating enemies and calling waves early. The highest point totals are then recorded on Game Center.
Kingdom Rush Survival Mode

Ruins of Nas'de doesn't feature any new achievements and no new Easter eggs have been found at this time. Let us know in the comments section below if you find any hidden features and feel free to share your highest scores with us. Please make sure you let us know what heroes and items you used when achieving your best score.


Waves Survived: 38
Score: 81,616
Hero: Bruxa
Items: Gold Bag x2


Waves Survived: 58
Score: 344,695
Hero: Bruxa
Items: Everything!!! (Endless mode is impossible)


101. It took an insane amount of IAPs and then the 3 Anoobis's became pretty much invincible to everything (including Big Boy barrages).

Stage 61.
292,000 Score.
Boneheart as hero, and no gem items.
This was my first try, and probably my last unless I am very desperate for gems.

Wow! I must suck. I can't get any higher than around level 30 without items, but I don't have any of the premium heroes. Is Boneheart really badass or something?

I just got to level 51 by using 10 gold sacks and a few ice wands, but that's as far as I can get without using a nuke.

Score 196,310
Waves: 38
Used three Ice Wands
Hero: Nivus

After killed: "Impressive Battle"

What is the highest compliment you had get?

In my opinion the sand creatures are the worst.

This game has me addicted. I am a nerd with a suit and tie

59 waves and 405,575 score. Lots of ice wands and a couple nukes.

332804 points. Level 57 on casual. No specials. Bone hart as hero. Bombards at the top, scattered mages. 3 barracks to each exit. Got 25000 saved up. Gonna max out on bombards and Mage towers when I get to 60k and see what happens

Status: Legen-Dary, Wave 65 Score 530000.
All Towers 100% maxed out, 3 Nukes (minimal to no effect in the end).
Ice Wands probably better then nukes. after wave ~60
To get wave 70+, LOTS of Ice Wands and 10k gold for easy start.
Bosses at Wave 65 have ~30k Health.
Not trying Again :D
btw. easy gem farm at stage 2 with Voodoo Hero at level 10, build soldiers around her, leave for ~10 min, come back, stage done with 3 stars and +100 gems :)

Oh, and that was with hero Bruxa.
No RL gold spendt :D

Wave: 62
Score: 344143
Hero: Bruxa
Special Items: None.

I wonder if anybody could pass wave 70, I guess that level is impossible even with special items.

Bonehart for hero.
Wave 71

Oh it said God-Like at the end

Wave: 111
Score: 4,872,683
Gems: 6105
Hero: Magnus