Major, Feature Ooozing Update Rumored to be Coming to iPhone

iphone712.jpgWho said the Apple iPhone rumor mill was going to stop churning after the iPhone was released? Certainly not me. While everyone enjoys talking about all the wonderful things we're doing with the iPhones we have, most people find talking about the things we can't do, but might be doing soon, instead.

Though the iPhone has certainly debuted to critical acclaim, it hasn't done so without some serious criticism. Major complaints include the lack of an instant messaging program, no custom ringtones, lack of Adobe Flash support, lack of a file browser, and Microsoft Exchange support being limited to the IMAP protocol.

According to a widely reported rumor, all of these criticisms and more maybe be a thing of the past. The rumor recently started on the HowardForums website, and found it's way to Apple rumor reputables AppleInsider and arsTechnica. Though there's still no confirmation on the validity of the rumor (AppleInsider seems to be getting more and more skeptical as time passes), there's been nothing to shoot it down either.

In any event, this gorilla-sized rumor is of an iPhone update coming from Apple which includes all of the following:
  • iChat (instant messenging program)
  • custom ringtones
  • iPhone file browser
  • widescreen keyboard
  • select/copy/paste text functionality
  • better Leopard integration (i.e. drag and drop files)
  • full Spotlight searching
  • Exchange support for other non-IMAP protocols
  • iWork
  • software camera stablization system
  • WiFi based file sharing (share photos, etc with other iPhones nearby)

The rumor also mentions that Adobe Flash support is coming, but perhaps later down the road as Apple is working on building in Flash support that will avoid overloading and crashing the iPhone as well as providing proper security.

The fact that Apple is planning to update and add features to the iPhone should not be of any surprise to anyone. Apple has been forthcoming from day one that that plan to upgrade this new mobile version of OSX over time. The rumor, however, may leave many doubtful just because of the sheer volume of upgrades supposedly already on their way to the iPhone.

Let's cross our fingers this rumor turns out to be true. And soon.



From the Apple iPhone developer's guide:

"You’ll want to avoid using Flash and Java for iPhone content. You’ll also want to avoid encouraging users to download the latest Flash on their iPhone, because neither Flash nor downloads are supported by Safari on iPhone."

Doesn't make the Flash portion of the rumor sound particularly likely. Not that the developer's guide can't change later... just seems odd that they'd so strongly discourage it if Flash support was pending.

iphone is bad azz.....jus need those updates and iphone will changes to pimp phone....

Hope Volume Update is Included damn volume is too low

Your hearing is already damaged.