How can I exit / get out of iPhone DFU mode?

How can I exit / get out of iPhone DFU mode?

As long as nothing is actually wrong with your iPhone, you can exit Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode without restoring the device in iTunes. To get out of DFU mode follow the same steps as a forced restart.

1. Hold down the Sleep button and Home button at the same time.
2. After a few seconds the Apple logo appears and the iPhone will boot.
3. Your iPhone is now out of DFU mode.

If the procedure doesn't work the first time, try steps 1-2 again. If something is wrong with your iPhone you may need to restore using iTunes.


thank you very very much...

If your phone is in recovery mode you have no choice but to restore it. All the data on it is already lost if it is in recovery mode, you will have to restore it and when setting it up again at the end of the restore process your phone will restart and you will have to set it up again as you did when it was new.

In the process you will be given the option to restore it from and iTunes or iCloud backup. If you have been backing up to iCloud choose that (be sure to plug your phone in to a wall charger as this will take hours to complete). If you haven't been backing up to iCloud choose restore from iTunes backup, then restore from the backup you created the last time you synced your phone. If it won't restore in recovery mode by connecting it to iTunes you will have to try putting it in DFU mode to restore it as described here:

Well no. That's a lie.
There is absolutely no need to restore in iTunes if the iDevice was put in DFU mode purposefully such as in the process of applying a jailbreak. Restoring the iDevice is not necessary UNLESS the phone or BSD kernal has had a panic and needed to be replaced, in which case yes you must replace the OS, by restoring. However, the restore solution is much like everything else to do with iTunes; clunky, unnecessary and irritating.

Hold the "HOME button" and the "POWER button" at the same time for 10 seconds, and then release the power button but keep holding HOME button. Soon, you can put your iPhone in DFU mode. You can also turn to iPhone Data Recovery for help. It can help you access DFU mode and recover files from your iPhone.

You will need to use tinyumbrella again to kick it out of DFU mode. You shouldnt need to have used to kick into DFU, but it will save your ass now you are stuck. After kicking out, you can restore and try again.

In general, dont mix your jailbreaks. Stick with one that others have written will work. Limerain does appear, but sometimes you need to reset – also, did you check the next homescreen? It gets installed to your second home screen by default, so even if you cant see it on the first screen, it may be on the second screen…

And there i was thinking i just bricked my iphone

apple logo appear but it didnt open the screen

I know a free and safe tool that can help you kick out of recovery mode with one click without iTunes. No need of home/lock button, only with one click, you can enter and exit iPhone recovery mode.

Thx I think I have Broken my phone :!!!!!!

im still in dfu mode help plz. i think the reason is because i tryed a ios 7 jailbreak and pressed the evasi0n app/ icon on the phone and i went into dfu mode if you know any way on how to fix this plz tell me

I know. The same thing happened to me and i dont wanna restore my phone :(

Have your computer and itunes and charger ready step 1: plug iphone charger in to your computer step 2: hold down the home button on your phone and then connect the charger to the iphone keep holding the hom button if you see an itunes logo you have done it! step 3: Itunes will pop up saying something like "itunes discovered an iphone in recovery mode you will have to restore and update to make your phone work" or something and then press and there you have it wait for everything to fix and done!!

This really worked !! thank you so much

help i tried all of that when the apple logo pops up it goes back to recovery mode

Oh my god man thank you so much!!!

thank feck for you god! nearly threw my i phone 4s at the wall thankyhou so much @]

The title is "DFU Mode vs. Recovery mode - Which is Which? and How to Enter AND Exit (iphone, ipod, ipad) It helped me, Hopes it Helped you! Also you do not need to Restore!

thank you very very much for this tip...this means a lot to me...but could u please give us a tip on how to install whited00r in iphone 3gs without any error in tiunes?

Press and hold power and home button for 10 sec.. then release when the apple logo appears


I am desperatly hoping someone could help! When upgrading to IOS 7 (.02, I think) my Iphone 4 got stuck in a restore loop, only giving me the option to restore back to Factory Settings, which I really don't want to do. As my home button is hardly working, I read about my options a bit and have already tried Tinyumbrella, Rei Boot, even Redsn0w and nothing...

I am not looking to preserve baseband or any of that more advanced stuff - my phone is not Jailbroken thus my only real concern is not loosing all my pictures, videos and recordings (I am a singer/songwriter and this is a LOT of important stuff in there...).

The PC I last back up my phone is history and I hadn't backed up on ICloud in ages, so my only true hope is that someone can help me find/walk me through a program that can pull it out of recovery loop and restart!

I will be forever grateful! Many thanks!

Help Please!!!

did you figure out how to fix it ?? same thing is happening to me


Sorry but this is useless in most cases.. I try this & the apple logo pops up in about 3 seconds, followed quickly by the iTunes logo. Ive tried the software mentioned but they say its in recovery not dfu mode and so it goes on & on.. stuck in a lool

Thankyou so much!!! You saved me!!

Question - My phone shut off and the only way i could get it to turn back on was to put it in recovery mode and restore it. During the time when it was off, texts were in fact sent to my phone. But they never came through when I finally restored my phone 2 days later and turned it back on. Any idea why ? I cant seem to solve this mystery for the life of me !!!

Hey friends , it very easy to exit frm the UFD (Recovery mode) just download and install "Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS" . then connect ur Iphone with PC and start Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS. there 'll b a button on the center "RESTART YOUR PHONE", just click on tht button and u r done...


I bought the software you mentioned for 70 dollars and then said restart my phone and it did not work. do you have any troubleshooting ideas for that software. after I plug my iphone, it tries to recover but then it says recover failed.

Help please , I do not want to lose my pictures and videos.

Thank u very much lol i'm so happy ;D

hihi :) actually worked. my phone is out of DFU mode

Thank you very much!