How to fix 'No Service' problem on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 No Service A1660

Some iPhone 7 owners are experiencing an issue with cellular connectivity, with their devices showing a "No Service" message despite coverage being available. The "No Service" problem affects a small percentage of iPhone 7 units manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018. A failed component on the main logic board is causing the problem. So how can iPhone 7 owners fix the "No Service" issue?

Apple has rolled out an official "iPhone 7 Repair Program for 'No Service' Issues", covering affected devices up to two years after their first retail sale. Participants in the program will have the faulty component replaced free of charge.

To get the iPhone 7 "No Service" problem fixed follow these steps:

  1. Back up your iPhone 7 with iCloud or using iTunes.
  2. Visit Apple's iPhone 7 Repair Program to make a service appointment or contact Apple Technical Support.

Some users have already paid for this service at an Apple retail location or authorized service provider. In this case, Apple should contact you about a refund. If the company doesn't reach out before the end of March 2018, contact Apple to request a refund.

The following model numbers are eligible for the repair program: A1160 (US, China, Hong Kong, Macao), A1780 (China), A1779 (Japan). Wireless carriers are not participating in the program, so affected iPhone 7 devices must be serviced by Apple or an authorized Apple service provider.

Note that Apple will inspect the iPhone 7 for eligibility and any damage that might affect the repair process. Should your iPhone require other repairs, such as a cracked screen replacement, Apple will resolve these problems first. This may result in additional repair charges.