iPhoneFAQ + ShieldZone Giving Away iPhone Shields and iTunes Gift Cards

sziphone-smaller.jpgWhat's the point in having an iPhone site if you can't toot your own horn once in a while, right? We thought we'd take a break from the usual deluge of iPhone details to tell you about something a little less uncertain, and a little more fun.

We've teamed up with the folks at ShieldZone to create the first of many giveaways you'll find here on iPhoneFAQ. This time, we're giving away a bunch of invisibleSHIELD iPhone protectors combined with iTunes gift cards.

Once you get your hands on an iPhone, these two will be the first things you need: a way to keep your iPhone in pristine condition, and a way to load it up with music.

For those of you who haven't heard of invisibleSHIELDs or ShieldZone before, they are hands down the screen protectors out there for protecting your digital devices (look for a detailed review of the iPhone protectors here on the site coming soon). We've fumbled with a lot of other protectors, and they simply do not match up. We can, in good conscience, highly recommend their products.

Either way, we're happy to give them away!

You can find the contest here: iPhoneFAQ +ShieldZone Giveaway



These are coming VERY highly recommended on the forums here.

Glad to see the contest!