Google Phone a Reality Again? New Prototype Surfaces

Things had been quiet for a while on the Google Phone rumors front, but it looks like talk about the device has surfaced again. Only, this time, the concept is looking much less like a rumor and more like an inevitability.

a new theoretical prototype of the google phone

Reports have been surfacing which indicate that Google has been showing off a prototype mobile phone to different carriers. According to an article published Thursday in the Wall Street Journal, Google is showing the the prototype around while continuing to hone and improve the product to offer a browsing and internet experience superior to what is currently available.

Additionally, the Google phone will reportedly offer free service. Instead of

relying on a large price tag and/or monthly fees, the Google phone will supposedly generate revenue for Google via commercial advertising dollars. Specifically, in exchange for free calling, Google phone users will be served advertisements.

Google is particularly excited about the possibilities of mobile phone advertising. As a result of the individual nature of mobile phone ownership, along with on-board mobile phone technology such as GPS, the ability to personalize the advertisements well exceed current levels of sophistication.

Based on current information, it seems like there may be Google phones, rather than just a single Google phone, with Google determining a set of specifications that manufacturers must meet in order to create and market a Google approved phone.

Still, information is scarce, but more details seem to be coming to light.


Google Phone will put the iPhone to BED!


That phone is simply amazing.
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Yeah, really... getting ads served to you constantly.. that's SOOOO much cooler than an iPhone.


Its a trade off, you get ads instead of price tags. Don't want ads, refinance your home and buy an iphone. Want the phone and service for free, put up with a few ads, which, knowing google, will be anything but obtrusive. Afterall, this isn't a yahoo! phone

I think they will target two very different markets. The iPhone is one of the most expensive phones on the market, where as Google may actually give theirs away. The iPhone is all about multimedia and simplicity. The Google phone will run on Linux and should attract the gadget crowd who likes to tinker.

Looking forward to it! Keep the news coming.

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I wouldn't ever underestimate anything coming out of the Google camp. They are perhaps the most innovative company in the world and have the talent pool to make just about anything happen.

No question about that. Whatever the Google phone(s) turn out to be... they'll likely be a quality and innovative product.

Hello there people chilling in your Google offices doing a very transparent web marketing rep job,

I prefer not to have an advertisement inundated world...This is not a question of iPhone or Google phone. It is the question of, how did we get to this point in our lives where we had to make a choice between these two corporate bohemoth's (albiet kinder gentler versions of the one's sometimes encountered) In a media driven money focused society, there is no longer an emphasis on the wider world of possibilities. Instead of cultivating friendshipsk, we cultivate contacts. Instead of cultivating business that are personable and cater to the needs of the individuals worked with, we cultivate stock quotes.

It would be great if we didn't have to choose between two heavily advertised products, (one of which will supposedly include advertising) and instead had to choose what gift they were going to make from scratch for their closest friend's Birthday.

What if life focused on the individual instead of the material, advertisement driven world.


WOW, kill yourself for being a philosophical dweeb tard.

and your comment makes you sound so intelligent that it makes me sick, if your going to post something on a forum then at least make it sound like you are intelligent and not 4 years old trying to grasp what you obviously have no idea about, way to use your words

You say that as if Google and iPhone are the only people who make these things happen. There is a lot of world wide collaboration that makes technology like this happen. The fact that Google, a graduate studies project has been able to reach levels like this speaks wonders to what individuals can do with a great idea. I'm sure when you start spewing your philosophical gibberish when talking and surfing for free on the Google phone (which i hope they call the G-Phone), I'm sure you'll STFU.

josh has a good point. We are all too quick to jump on the next material bandwagon. Everyone sits around eagerly awaiting the next BIG thing and then it turns out to be just an intermediate purchase until you can afford whatever Apple, Google, MS, Nike or any other corporate giant will feed you. Step in line here folks and get your NEXT BIG THING! Sorry a rep from the company isn't here to answer your questions or concerns; they all took a holiday in St Barts.

Free calling that's awesome, and the prototype doesn't look bad either. about the ads, just look at ads on google search, gmail, and other services. i barely notice those things, they just stay out of the way, and they don't have crazy fonts and colors. and if i get a free phone with free service, i am in.

Keep in mind that's just T3's rendering of a concept, not the actual Google Phone itself.

I'm an advertiser and I predict that Google Phone will be a big hit, for several reasons:
- it's made by Google (Google as a brand enjoys a HUGE equity) -- questionable as to whether Google should put their core brand name on everything, but regardless (I look forward to buying "Google G-Underwear")
- a market-wise (unfortunately, I have to say) idea: want it for FREE? Here is the advertisement you need to chew on before being able to get "your free gift" (ironical, but this piece of FREE s... actually works with most of the consumers around us). Google does nothing but to smartly tap into an existing idea driving our society to consume more.
- best internet browsing at your fingertip -- I know this has been said again and again -- but who else than GOOGLE can offer you the real thing when it comes to navigating the web?

I'm sure this new gadget will be successful. What I'm not sure about is whether this gadget will be successful due to its phone-related "talk-for-free" system, or due to its internet navigation / e-mail capacity. The hunger for "FREE stuff " will drive the demand at least with the young crowd (but not only), while the need for better internet browsing / e-mail system catering to thinkers (the "Wikipedia-type" folks) and "on-the-go, want-it-now" type of consumers (mid 30's and above) will drive usage with a different crowd.

I wonder: will the Google phone actually replace the Blackberry? Will this become "the free Blackberry version"?

I don't know about you, but I'll stay tuned to the Google phone story.

This sounds nice. I thnik i will buy one when they come out, and then when somebody have cracked it, i'll flash it with some tweaked linux-dist for the phone ;)

I'm not a very materialistic person. Would I like the nice technology? Yes, I would. But is the technology worth the high dollar price to me? No, its not.

Google is offering me a very nice phone without paying for service. No worries except ads. I trust Google will not be the company to message your phone just to see an add. But They'll be more respective of your hate for pop ups. If someone were to call you. I'm just half the screen would be caller ID the other half would be an add. Would that bother you at all? Probably not.

This will be a great competitor against the iPhone. I believe it will appeal to everyone.

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