How can I save my existing Verizon voice mail messages before iPhone activation?

How can I save my existing Verizon voice mail messages before iPhone activation?

Current Verizon customers can save their existing voicemail messages before activating a new iPhone. After activation, old voice messages and greetings will be erased. Follow these steps to back up your existing voice messages:

If your current phone is Verizon Wireless Visual Voice Mail capable:

1. Start a subscription if you don't already have one ($2.99 per month).
2. On your device navigate to Visual Voice Mail -> Select the Message Menu -> Options -> Save A Copy/Archive -> Save to SD Card or External Memory (steps will vary based on device model).
3. Once the messages are saved to the SD card you can transfer the SD card data to your computer.
4. Play your voice messages using an audio player or download and install PureVoice software to listen to your messages.

If your current phone is not Visual Voice Mail capable:

Contact CBW Productions for retrieval and saving of existing messages associated with your account.


I checked out CBW, but ended up going with another company

Seems like they had a faster turnaround time and were less expensive. And also, it looked like CBW was charging $5 per message to separate them apart... ?


I also used savemyVM and they had a very fast turnaround time. I paid $28.99 to have 4-5 messages recorded and the company responded back with my messages the following day. Great quality in audio, too.

I used a service called SaveThatCall and it was really inexpensive and worked great. It was only $2.00 total for all of my messages and I was able to download them immediately. I'm not sure why other people are paying over $20 for this? Good luck!


I don't know if anyone will read this but I am so happy to tell my story in case others see it :) I lost my mother recently and had about 25 of her voicemails saved on my older phone. Thank god I was told to save them before I upgraded to an iphone or I would have lost everything. Those VMs are the only record of her voice I have.

I went to a lof of the sites listed and either it was VERY expensive or I couldn't get a representative on the phone to explain it to me (I'm kinda tech alergic). That's why I was so happy to come across Voicemails Forever. Not only was it very cheap - 19.99 - but they actually answered their phone and were very nice explaining how I could save my Moms voicemails right away.

I was able to save them that day, I didn't have to wait for a CD or nothing. I tell everyone about Voicemails Forever and I'm happy to tell others about my experience

I'm sorry to hear about your mother, but I won't pay $19.99 to record my voicemail permanently where Charges $3.99 for 30 minute recording time.

I'm reading it and that is case I am in. I am getting ready to switch over to a new phone. I haven't yet because my Mom's messages are on my phones, she recently passed away and I don't want to lose her voice either. I will sure look into this. Thank you!

Voicemails Forever is a great service. I got my voicemails saved in about 5 minutes. u can find them online at

EASY. Get an audio cable that has one end that will plug into the phones headphone jack and the other end that will plug into your computer. Play the message and record it on your computer with free software.

Our product would allow you to save the voicemails from your phone before upgrading.

We receive quite a few phone calls per day from Verizon locations asking how we can assist their customers. Give us a call : 877-673-8292 an see how we can help you! Alternatively, visit out contact us page:

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