Does the iPhone 6 have a dual SIM?

Does the iPhone 6 have a dual SIM?

Apple continues to offer the iPhone with a single SIM card slot for usage on one wireless carrier at a time. Some smartphones have dual SIM capability, which allows power users who frequently roam to easily connect to secondary networks in a different coverage area.

dual sim iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both include one Nano-SIM compatible slot.


With Simore dual sim you can use 2 or 3 SIM cards on your iphone 6 and 6 Plus.
dual sim adapter for iphone 6:
Triple sim adapter for iphone 6 (both sim cards active at the same time)
Perfect dual sim solution for travelers or multiple sim use.

This has huge limitations that almost make the setup with the simore device unusable. I can give details if required but, take it from me, it is far from ideal. Also, when you realise how poor it is, you cannot get a refund!

Same problem here. When i watched the video, thinking that there will be no problem in connecting simore g1 to my iphone 6. But till now there is no connection between the devices.

Yes I agree. The simore option for dual sim are really unusable.

Is it really unusable? I was thinking about buying the G1 Bluebox since the setup explained by Simore seems to be logic. What are the limitations you encountered? Thank you for the feedback.

I am using SIMore G1 BlueBox for almost a year now without any limitations.
I am very happy with this device.
Extremely convenient when travelling abroad

But you have to turn off WLAN/WiFi, don't you? And Bluetooth is occupied by the device, wireless headset or speakers will no longer be connected to your smartphone. Not acceptable at all!

Hopefully Apple will look into this dual sim phone market. And please make sure both sims are on 4G dual standby. The only phone that are available with 4G dual standby is Xiaomi. For Samsung only one sim is avaliable for 4G, the other will be on GSM signal. ( Defeat the purpose of a Smart Phone)

Fully agree with you. In fact, I sent an email to apple couple of months back request for such set. I am presently using iphone 6 and will never upgrade if they don't come out with dual sim set.

iPhone has always been my thing. I am always proud to have it

found Simore has launched new e-clips device for iPhone.
3 active numbers at the time for data, calls and text msg.
seems to also be a wireless wifi router
interesting idea