Why is my number blocked when I call from the iPhone?

Why is my number blocked when I call from the iPhone?

Have people asked you why you're blocking your phone number? The iPhone can automatically turn off your caller ID when dialing out. Chances are, if your iPhone number is blocked on other people's phones this setting is engaged. To show others your phone number follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Phone -> Show My Caller ID
2. Select ON

Now when you call, devices capable of reading the caller ID will display your number instead of a "Blocked" message.


My caller ID setting is on, but my info still won't show for outgoing calls. How do I fix this?

If I turn off (disable) the LTE setting in Settings/Cellular, my caller id shows on other people's phones. I shouldn't have to do this because it slows internet access speed though.

Anyone else have a fix other than disabling the LTE setting? This is very frustrating.

I am having the same issue!

I have had this problem despite taking the phone to the AT&T store and having them "fix" it. Have not disabled LTE so I don't know if that is a fix

I have had this problem despite taking the phone to the AT&T store and having them "fix" it. Have not disabled LTE so I don't know if that is a fix

Try disabling wifi assist, then enable LTE for voice & data. I figured this out through process of elimination and now my caller ID shows up again. I will do anything to avoid calling someone on a "help" desk, right?

Sorry I made a typo----I meant to say: try turning off Wi-Fi calling. Very Sorry for any confusion, wifi assist has nothing to do with this problem.

I actually turned my LTE to simply data, not phone and data and it worked.

I was having this same issue & searched so many message boards for a solution! I finally found one that allows my number to show up when calling someone!

Go to Settings>Cellular>Enable LTE

Change the setting to Data Only, then restart your phone.

This fixed my phone immediately. My carrier is AT&T, I don't think this can be done from a Verizon iPhone. From what I've read the issue is in how voice/data are being transported over the LTE lines. The carriers are aware of this flaw, but haven't given any idea when it will be fixed. Hope this helps!

Jenna.. thank you! This solution actually worked for me!!

Thank you!!!! I've called at&t and researched the message boards. This is the first time I've seen this solution and it worked. Thank you so much!

THANK YOU! This worked!!! What a relief. It's very frustrating to hear your friends say they didn't pick up your call because their phones displayed No Caller ID.

None of the other comments here helps with my iPhone 5c. It doesn't seem to have an LTE setting. The issue showing one's caller id is with the carrier, like verizon or att, not with apple?

AT&T Sucks

I have turn off the LTD and its still not working I kinda massed With some settings but still it should not effect the Hidden number thing.
Can I Please get some advise what to doPLEASE!
And its my friends Iphone I kinda have to fix it as fast as posible

the setting is under,settings,cellular,cellular data options,then voice and data then change the setting please note when had this problem i turn LTE to 3G and then i tried it and it worked then i put it back to LTE and it still works there's a software glitch so all u gotta do is toggle it from LTE to 3G and back to LTE and this has worked for everyone i know that has had this problem please keep in mind that that this may not work for everyone but so far it has worked for everyone... good luck...

I have an iPhone 7 Plus and I can not show my caller ID. This problem has been going on for a week now and it’s really frustrating when folks don’t want to answer your call because your number won’t show. I’ve talked to my carrier multiple times (metro PCS) and I went to the apple store to get help from the tech. Apple even gave me a new phone but the problem still exists. Can someone please help