How do I disable audio text messages on my iPhone?

Apple added the ability to send audio/voice text messages in iOS 8.0. This is great feature for many reasons, but it is also very easy to send an audio recording by accident. Unfortunately there is no way to disable this feature without a jailbroken device. iPhone owners who are jailbroken can use the tweak NoAudioRecorder to disable this feature. The tweak is available on Cydia for free.

One good thing about the feature is they're set automatically set to expire after a certain period of time. You can disable this self destruct feature by going to Settings > Messages and tapping the the Expire panel under Audio Messages. From here you can set your audio messages to expire in "2 Minutes" or "Never."


Apple seriously needs to not only give us a way to possibly not send accidental audio messages, but just disable audio messages altogether if we choose, because as many times as I have asked people not to send audio messages, they still do it. A lot of times I'm not in a position where listening to an audio message is possible, and people just don't get it, and that it's not Okay.

couldn't agree more

Took a nap. Woke to seven audio msgs -mostly mistakes- from a neighbor. Grrrrr!