How do I replace a broken mute switch on the iPhone?

How do I replace a broken mute switch on the iPhone?

Muting the iPhone quickly can be a convenient and necessary function depending on the circumstances. There are many different ways to substitute for a broken ring/silent switch that no longer works properly.

For those with broken mute switches, iOS 7 has a built-in virtual mute switch that can be turned on under Settings.

iOS 7 Assistive Touch

Navigate to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch.

Toggle AssistiveTouch ON and a white circle will overlay the iPhone display.
iOS 7 Assistive Touch Mute

Tap the Assistive Touch circle and an icon menu will appear, then tap Device. The Mute icon will simulate the physical ring/silent switch from anywhere. Selecting Mute will mute the iOS device, while tapping Unmute will restore the ringer audio.

Check out this list of additional ways to fix a broken mute switch on the iPhone.


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