How do I disable access to Siri from my lock screen?

How can I prevent Siri from launching when my iPhone is locked? How do I stop Hey Siri from answering on the iOS lock screen?

You can disable the ability to access to Siri from your lock screen by navigating to Settings >> Siri & Search. Tap the Allow Siri When Locked On/Off slider, under the Ask Siri section, to turn it off. This will stop anyone from accessing Siri while your phone is locked.



I cannot find pass code lock on my 5C phone which has IOS 8. "Restrictions" is the next menu item under "Auto Lock"

The directions for phones with iOS 8 installed are: Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Enter your Passcode > (under the Allow Access When Locked section) Move slider to the left to turn OFF access to Siri while phone is locked.

This doesn't answer question. Siri won't let me access any app or setting or even can't close the phone nor restart. Reset hole doesn't work either. What other option is there to restart phone or unlock the phone?

Although I have disabled siri on the locked screen, this only works when Siri, on the general setting screen, is switched enabled. As soon as I disable Siri on the general setting screen, Siri starts operating on the locked screen. Is this a bug or is there a way of stopping Siri working everywhere? I do not want to use Siri when the screen is locked or when it is unlocked. Is this possible?

I am currently using iphone 4s and iOS 9.3.5.