How can I disable Live Photos on my iPhone?

Live Photos disable

The Live Photos feature is switched on by default. There is an icon in the Camera app that consists of three concentric circles. This is the Live Photos toggle, which will be yellow when enabled. Tapping this icon will disable Live Photo, but it will automatically switch back on once you leave the Camera app. Here's how to permanently keep Live Photo disabled:

  1. Open the Camera app on your device.
  2. Tap the yellow Live Photo icon so it is white and crossed out.
  3. Navigate to the Settings app.
  4. Tap the Camera tab.
  5. Tap Preserve Settings.
  6. Tap the Live Photo slider so it is ON/GREEN. This will save your last Camera app settings and stop Live Photo from being automatically enabled.

You can learn more about the Preserve Settings feature here.

Live Photos can be captured on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and later starting with iOS 9. Preserve Settings is available in iOS 10.2 or later.


How do i get rid of it so it doesn't come back?

Thank goodness the instructions work below. That stupid feature was ruining my photos. You can take a live photo and convert it by having it on your screen and then capturing it by pressing both the on/off button and lower center button at the same time. Then you crop it in edit and you have a still shot like you intended

I hate this feature and it has ruined many photos because I somehow inadvertently turn it on all the time. How can I permanently get rid of it?

Settings - Photo's and Camera - Preserve Settings - Live photo - Turn it green so that it preserves live photo setting, ie when you turn it off it remembers it.

It's a complete pain in the neck for me. I now have a whole 6s filled up with useless mov files. Thanks Apple.

I agree! A bad idea. It would be better if they just sit on their hands and take the money. Part of why I upgraded was to enjoy the better camera - but THIS GIMMICK has wasted my time and many one-time-only shots! At least give me a switch for the default setting!

You can click on the send icon under the picture, click duplicate then click duplicate as still photo. I do that then delete the live one.

This is so annoying! If i want a video, I'll shoot a video. I totally dislike this new feature that I cannot turn off by default.

It is quite easy to turn the live setting of by default and it wont auto turn on if you preserve the setting and to do this:

Settings>Photo&camera>Preserve settings>live photo

Note - this method is on latest ios release.

I can't believe it was that simple to disable this from constantly popping up. Thanks Paul2v.

Hi I recently got the iPhone 7, checked I have iOS 10.1.1 but haven't got the preserve option under settings for photos & camera to turn this live off...... help if you can please

It's only available in iOS 10.2, which should be available soon.

I agree iPhone 7+ camera & new tech is epic fail for Apple. Especially frustrating is no direct access to feature settings so camera and phone is user friendly. Apple would do well to broaden thier test market. Accessibility features inadequate as well.

So disable feature was initiated then disabled on upgrade? Nice...

I have an iPhone 5 with the iOS 10.2 and there is no way to disable LIVE photo permanently. I tried everything you suggested and it always automatically goes back to LIVE (mini-movie) mode. :-(

But the problem is the fact that the live button is located right adjacent to icons I do select--so I find out later I turned it back on. I think the actual solution is to use a different camera app.

That did not work for me, the minute I turn the camera on again, I have to dissable that stupid yellow circle, or else the picture moves, am I doing it wrong? I followed the above instructions.

THANK YOU, TY, TY ---- Can not stand this feature. Keep Smilin :o) Dawn

No, it doesn't turn off live permanently!! Watch out! When you take pictures it goes on again! Even after i disabled it i still had the camera taking live pictures!!

I tried. It still automatically turn on live picture

I wish it was that easy! I have preserve settings set on mine and ALWAYS have Live and flash off but every time I want to just snap a quick picture both of them are on! It is absolutely infuriating and is seriously making me question switching to Android.

The singular most maddening software with which I have ever been forced to deal. If it weren't bad enough to have lost the resolution and clarity of the Zeiss lens when I "upgraded" to iPhone from Samsung, the live software has ruined still photos and cost me hours upon hours of life time when using capture to import them to my laptop to "fix". They transfer as AAE files and I resorted to sending them ONE AT A TIME via gmail. After multiple web searches, I have uploaded everything to google photos, wiped my iPhone, sold it and returned to my Samsung 4. Yes, 4. Pretty pathetic on Apple's end. Never have I "wanted" the live feature. Tens of thousands of times I hae wanted just a plain old still photo! Just a nightmare! Worst purchase of 2016, bar none.

The live feature is a complete waste of time and money and has ruined hundreds of my pictures and now I am stuck with New years Eve waste. Thanks for ruining my New Years eve pictures Apple.

I am 70 years old, don't have that many days in front of me and you ruined my bucket list New Years Eve celebration.

This is the result of a lost executive team that has no idea on what the market would benefit.

One of the most software features I can remember ever having to deal with, absolutely an idiotic idea, they were really taken with Harry Potter movies showing these stupid mini movies. I have been an Apple user sense 1986 and had literally 100s of Macs under my administration over the years. IF someone thought this would be a marketing gimmick WHY did they not make it OFF unless turned on?

Would be nice to have an option in settings to disable it from showing in the camera app altogether. I like live photos but it's not something that should be showing up all of the time.

thanks for figuring this out for me. incredible pain in the neck having all my photos video . even if you click on the button turn off outside in the sun you can't tell if it's on or off. with the preserve setting I was able to turn off HDR also another POS

The live feature is a frustrating application on the camera, I use the camera most days in a commercial environment and for me it is a complete pain to turn off the live button before every shot. The live photo option should be manual choice.

Apple, I will be getting rid of my Apple products because of this stupid change to the camera on my iphone. What a piece of cap!

Just turn it off. Take a pic with the live photo off. Go to preserve settings under photos and camera and slide preserve live on.. so it's green, I had it turned off assuming it will keep live off, but it's opposite, turn it on to preserve your last "live off" setting