Can I turn off data roaming on my iPhone?

Can I turn off data roaming on my iPhone?

No doubt you've heard horror stories about multi-thousand dollar bills iPhone owners have received from their service providers when going overseas and using the iPhone's data features on a foreign network. Many service providers are charging exorbitant fees to their customers for data roaming.

Luckily, with the introduction of iPhone firmware 1.1.1 there's a way to turn off data roaming so you can be sure you won't get shocked with a big bill.

Head to Settings -> General -> Network and turn data roaming to OFF.



Even when I switch off data, I still connect to 3G. So? This is a bug? What other measures can I take

You forgot one step: Settings ->General->Cellular-> Data Roaming to OFF. (should be off by default, but good to check)

Another thing you can do to remedy any possible roaming charges is to go into: Settings->Carrier switch Automatic to OFF, and choose your carrier. This will take some time, since the search under this heading is unusually slow.

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Is this a shortcut? Killing apple

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Mine was not off by default. Super annoying that they had it set up otherwise.

On my new 5C iPhone I went to settings, general, but no 'cellular' or 'mobile' to click on to turn off Data for travelling.

Call your provider. It allowed me to data roam with the cellular setting for roam turned off.

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What can I do when my iPhone 6plus internet is still off after turning on mobile data and roaming data?I have done reset on network but still.Thanks