iPhone DevTeam Releases Pwnage Jailbreaking Tool Version 2.0.3

PwnageTool 2.0.3 for Mac OS X is now available from the iPhone DevTeam. According to their blog, this new version supports iPhone and iPod firmware 2.0.2 5C1. The latest version updates Installer.app to beta 6 and also contains a localization for Germany.

Along with the latest Pwnage tool for Mac, the iPhone DevTeam has also released the ‘150’ beta update to the Windows QuickPwn application. This update improves the user interface, provides bug fixes for YouTube, and the adds BootNeuter support for unlocking 2G iPhones.

The DevTeam has explicitly warned that the PwnageTool 2.0.3 "SHOULD ONLY be downloaded as a .tbz file from our servers and should NOT be decompressed using the application called The Unarchiver." They recommend using the standard OS X Archive Utility to decompress the download to avoid breaking permissions within PwnageTool.

Testers are currently using QuickPwn for Mac, and the DevTeam has stated it should be ready for public beta within a week.

No doubt the iPhone DevTeam has been hard at work, but an unlock for the 3G/GSM baseband remains incomplete. Only three options remain for those who prefer to use the iPhone with the cellular carrier of their choice. Stick with the older iPhone, purchase an unlocked iPhone from a foreign country, or sit back and patiently wait for Pwnage 3G.


The dev-team will release an updated version of the pwnage tool 2.0.3 as some issues have been reported with the keychain permissions.