How can I send contact information or a VCard via SMS text message?


And yet, here we are at 2.1 and we still can't send and receive business cards or vCards. Heard anything else recently? I'd really like to be able to do this simple function that I've been able to do on all my Nokia phones for the past 8 years.

The 3rd party app iSMS, also known as Wei SMS, should let you send vcards. Download it through installer. Happy texting!

Where do you find these apps, please?
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Try "SMSCard" from It helps for me

Contact sending via SMS implemented in SMSCard application. Application description can be found in

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you can check this app, it send a email!

We just released an app that sends contacts through SMS (all the other apps that provide contact sharing do it through e-mail). You can download the app from the following link;

I was so disappointed to find out that I can not send Contact Nos. to other via SMS just like I used to with the other much less expensive phones. In sending contact nos to other persons, the choices in the Iphone 4 are either via email or MMS (which is more expensive than SMS). When I sent the contact no thru MMS, the sending always failed. How can Apple not include this as a basic function, but another app which we have to buy? IPhone4 is expensive, yet does not have this basic function. Can this not be offered as a free app in itunes? This way you make your customers less disappointed.

Would appreciate if you can send a response to my email above.

thank you.

I'm using ForwardContact to forward my contact info.
With really few taps you can choice which information you want to forward wth an SMS text message or an email. It's a really basic app, but quick and easy to use.

You can try this freeapp..

Works perfect!!


Your Iphone can send Vcards. or .vcf files, via email or mms. go into your contact list select contact then scroll to the bottom where it says share contact. if you send as an email. it will send a .vcf attachment.

There should be no reason why we can't send vCard by text and the recipient click on it and import without having to email vCard and creating a hassle for the recipient.

It's amazing how they don't let you include a phone number from your list. Dumbphones from the 2000's did that.