How do I quit a running app / kill an app in iOS 7?

How do I quit a running app / kill an app in iOS 7?

The app switcher in iOS 7 has been redesigned by Apple. One of the new things that iOS 7 users will see is that the multitasking dock no longer shows simple app icons. There's a preview of the entire app screen above the icons. So how can you stop an app from running, or remove its preview and icon from the app switcher?

To quit an app in iOS 7 follow these instructions:

1. Double press the home button to bring up the app switcher.
2. Swipe left or right until you see the app to quit.
3. Touch and hold the app preview and swipe it up off the screen.



That is just tooooo slow!! To close many apps it takes a few seconds for each one. In iOS6 is was very quick. It seems they opted for fluff over usability too many time in iOS7. I hope they correct in future updates.

I'm not sure if they changed it since but I got my iPhone today, and I find it really handy. I can close about 2 apps per second by swiping them off one-by-one swiftly.

ios7 is terrible. why change things that worked fine only to say it is different!!! just wasted 10mins of my life I will never get back just to figure out a new way to do the same damn thing!!!

Jailbreak your ios 7 and install cc setting, this will ad a button in control center that will kill all apps at once