How do I get an iPhone app refund on iTunes?

How do I get an iPhone app refund on iTunes?

If you would like to request a refund for a recently purchased application from the App Store, you can contact Apple using iTunes directly. Here are the steps to ask for a refund to your iTunes account:

1. Open iTunes and navigate to the top menu Store -> View My Account.
2. Click See All under the section titled Purchase History.
3. Click the grey arrow to the left of the Order Date.
4. Click the Report a Problem button.
5. A column titled Report a Problem will appear with a list of apps purchased that day. Click Report a Problem next to the app you would like refunded.
6. Select the appropriate reason you are contacting Apple. Choices are:

- I didn't receive this application
- I inadvertently purchased this application
- This application does not function as expected
- This application is not compatible with my device
- I have another purchase or download-related question

7. Enter detailed comments requesting a refund and the reasons why in the Comments section and click Next.

Apple should consider your request for a refund within a few days, and if they refund your money it should appear in your account within a week.

Remember, after an app is refunded it cannot be updated or reinstalled.


This isn't working for my latest app I purchased - it shows the item, developer, type and price but I don't have an option to report a problem.

Same here. Apparently its Apples way of making the simple things difficult.

I just reported a problem I had with one of my apps. And yes, when I first tried to report a problem, I can't seem to find the button for it on my app. So, here's how you report it.

1) Go to 'Purchase History'. You'll see 'Latest Purchases' as well as 'Previous Purchases'. The apps under the 'Previous Purchases' have the grey arrows mentioned above, so it's pretty easy to report. But, for the apps under 'Latest Purchases', you have to click 'Report a Problem' button below, just beside the 'Done' button. And then, you can see 'Report a Problem' button(s) found beside the price of the apps under 'Latest Purchases'. Click that. And it will open up a browser, leading to Apple's website. You have to log-in to your Apple account, and there, you can report your problem.

God you people are just stupid lol... it's not gonna be where you're talking about... here is a link... (not sure if it will show up as a link... if not... just copy and paste...)
Smart one... it shows all your APP purchases... find the one you're looking for and then click the "report a problem" right next to it.
Not sure if I had to add this... but after you go to that link... you will have to obviously log in first.
OH YES, and before you say "it says I don't have any purchases"

p.s. I just don't understand why old people don't understand computers and electronics... and even if they do understand them it's not how younger people do... it's not the same thought process. I know, I know, I understand the fact that it's because old people didn't grow up with computers blah blah bllaahhhh... That's not what I mean... What I mean is...I PERSONALLY, just can not wrap my head around the fact that you people have so much trouble with this sort of thing. It just does not make sense to me.. AT ALL. It is so simple... basically common sense. It's like, if worse comes to worse, just play around with the different buttons, remember what each does, and just make sure you can get/set everything back to how/where it was just incase. It's like I'll be showing my mom how to use something new... and it's my first time ever using it too... but I'll just instantly know what to do. I mean... it's my first time ever using this electronic too and I am already able to teach someone else how to use it. While my mom is over there just so confused, terrified to even press a button, and approaching the first command like she's hitting a big red button to launch a nuke.
Use this link, find billing and select report a problem.

What I don't understand is why the app store doesn't have a refund button like they do on the Android market. On that market you have up to 15min to decide if you want to keep the app or get a refund. Something like this would have come in handy with the current pokemon scam currently in the app store.