Does the iPhone support Java?

Does the iPhone support Java?

No. The iPhone will not support Java applications of any kind. Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying "Java's not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It's this big heavyweight ball and chain."

We can't disagree with the last part of Jobs' scathing remark, but stating that Java doesn't get used anymore couldn't be farther from the truth - especially in the world of mobile devices.

In any event, the iPhone will not offer Java support.


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Forget the merits. My work's KVM web interface works only with Java. Not my choice. In fact, that the whole point isn't it Jobs? No fucking choice at all. VPN, yes. Java, brown cooooooooooooow...

The logic here is clear and based on market capture. Develop applications in Objective C that are tied to the iPhone. Do not develop applications based on Java that can run on many phones.

Simple disgusting greed. The stuff that dances around anti-trust lawsuits.

Steve Jobs makes the same mistakes as Mr. Gates does.
Both doesn't seem to understand what Platform Independence means and that Java is one of the best tools to solve this Problem.
Once written and compiled, it runs on (nearly) any Platform you want.
Yes, the VM is a slow resource eating Golem, but if you're a real programmer, you can write apps which run fast and stable under the JavaVM.
What Steve Jobs said about Java is Bullshit from someone who hasn't realy tried out the language.
I don't like Java, but not because it might be slow or something, no it's because I'm missing technologies like polymorphism, references to more than just Objects and some more little failures.
And at least, look at eclipse, which proves that Java can be used to write more than just applets.
Please Mr. Jobs let programmers do the work.
When smaller phones are able to execute Java than the iPhone should be able anyway.

Having tried both Java & XCode, I'm casting my vote for Java. The JRE and Java SDK have improved vastly in the last 15 years, both in footprint size and performance. One can get the latest JDK and Eclipse for less that 300MB as compared to the 3GB of XCode I have to download for the iPhone. Java's static typing makes Eclipse's code-insight and refactoring support much more powerful than XCode's. Also, debugging a Java application is a cinch compared using XCode. All in all, it's vastly more mature then Cocoa.

And platform independence is a lofty goal we shouldn't allow Apple to sway us from easily. I hope someone else remembers the days of proprietary Win32 applications in Microsoft Visual C and Visual Basic. That's what XCode feels like every time I use it!

Regarding competition, I agree with some of the other posts I've seen: Like Microsoft, if Apple thought it had a competitive software platform it would not impose artificial restrictions to competition. I'm waiting for the anti-trust suits to start in the U.S. like they have in the E.U.



What this is crazy i'm a rs fan and i found out i cant play rs on ipod touch


There is a new app called Cloudbrowse. Its a web browser that supports flash and java. The only downfall is that it is waaaaaay slower than safari. I was even playing flash games on my ipod!!! AWSOME. :)

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Well, java is the most widely used development language and kicks the ass to many others. Steve don't like it because it's free, and of course, he wants overall control over his products and sell everithing he can. I'm supprised that the IPhone and other apple crap doen't include some kelogger to prevent the user of writing "windows" or "microsoft" on a text editor. Well guys, i would think lot about buying something that it's supposed to be yours but in the end it isn't because you can't do what you want with it. I think the future is that apple will come to develop everything for their platforms so any other enterprise can't develop for the, and you will have "Apple Office", "Apple Reader", "Apple CS" and everithing will be just Apple.

Apple is a monopoly based enterprise, and they fund their pockets with you fools buying "hand tied" operative systems and devices.

there is a way!!!

1.jailbreak your device. cydia, change your permissions to developer.
3.go to the java tab in categories iedit, Classpath, jamvm, terminal, and jikes
5.go into the NOTES app on your ipod, turn it horizontally and type this:
public class test
public static void main(String[] args)

6.copy this by selecting all of the text. up iedit and make a new file called
8.paste the code into the window and click save in the bottom left.
9.launch terminal and type the following commands:
cd Documents
java test OR
jamvm test

11.for any questions regarding this or python programming on the ipod touch or iphone, email me at

Apple must be doing something right if this many people have such strong opinions about it. It seems weird to me that so many people like to post about how they hate Apple. If you don't want an iPhone, don't buy one. It's that simple. I have an iPhone because it's awesome, not because it has an apple on it. I don't care about it being closed, it's a phone. My PC, on the other hand, is not an Apple.

Java is still a father of all other programming languages, Job's does't want java just because java applications are free and available, and Job's want everyone to purchase application from their apple website. No one can compare Objective C with Java, Still the world's widely used programming language is java and not objective C. Objective C is past..... Just foolish guys are using those language for development. The result of objective C can be seen from the bugs in iphone 4.

Java suks!
Just like iPhone, Steve Jobs and the f$$^@#$& iOS!

This is indeed true! Why not have javascript. Those who want it can use it and others don't have to. Of course you can charge for applications. I do! Restrict access, duh. I guarantee it will make iphone more money, because who would buy another phone if it does it all. Why can't companies work together. If microsoft and apple worked together, we would all advance. Collaboration people. Just imagine what they could do. Any company that has a completely customized database application uses javascript. Databases need to have on load form scripts and on user input scripts. Without those, the database isnt much use in saving time and reducing errors. I don't develop for a living but do so for my own company. I am probably going to have to get a compatible portable device for this purpose. I also am going to get the franchisees of my company to use compatible devices for this purpose. It's just a must, as they are young cleaning contractors that are always on the move. It's a huge market and they are only getting younger and more in tune with technology. Does anyone know if ipad has javascript functionality because that would be ideal due to the larger screen?

the only thing acting as a "ball and chain", steve jobs, is your jail cell of a phone. get a freedom phone guys. keep it legal too. he may deserve it, but you wouldnt want your lifes work yanked from beneath your feet now would you. and one more thing. JAVA is already built into the iphone/ipad/ipod touch, its just disabled. javascript is enabled in the browser so you all can use your web apps now stop complaining. if you dont have the pacience to wait for JAVA activation on iphone then go get an android market phone.

Iphone costs around 1300$ in Turkey.

iPhone will not support any technology which might ruin their idea of "getting apps only from App Store". This means no Java, no Flash, no .NET, no Silverlight, no this and no that, no anything what might reduce profitability of App Store. Simply as that.
Probably, sooner or later it will payback as customers will turn their back to devices not supporting any major technology out there (see peoples' move towards Anroid alternative). Unless Apple will create some really amazing alternative for all of them.

Jobs is misquoted here. The original quote is about Java support in Safari. It looks like the original interviewer was out of his depth technically (he also asks Jobs about JavaScript plugins for Safari), and that this article was poorly researched.

Given that he is talking about Java in the browser, what Jobs says is somewhat accurate. What percentage of modern web apps (let alone web apps targeting mobile devices) use applets?

See the original article here:

I love my iPhone! I Do need to access websites that require
a java enabled browser. All this "puffing up your chest" and defending your positions on java doesn't help me one bit. My husband has an android, so I'll have to borrow his phone to access that website. I do agree that you have to remember the world still uses older software and "they" should've considered that!

I am an Internet to mainframe programmer. We use Java to access our mainframes from remote PC's. Sure would be nice for Mr. Jobs to help out, but I've heard he just hates Sun. Say it ain't so Steve.

Steve Jobs is a notorious idiot....who can say that no one uses Java anymore unless they were joking? Every source on the most popular software programming languages indicates that Java is on top right now

Steve Jobs just tries to shove his hand so far up his own pussy that he can't think clearly

fuck Steve Jobs and fuck anyone who supports him

Iphone does not support java? No wonder it sucked in India. Here we use the hi end phones for everything(literally ,as mp3 player,gaming,net browsing while on travel,camera...),and most widely used browser is opera mini which is java based. Besides the fact that free games,and other apps that are not available, the price is too high for Iphone.

Why should I buy a costly phone that cant do some things that a cheaper phone does? Giving apple money? Do not appeal to me.


What is so great about Iphone other than the status symbol?Whats so special? What about finding out a rare user modded version of a java app or game?

I have Nokia n73 expressmusic. I am content with it mostly. I can get any free apps, download 100's of free games, Both s60v3 and java, play music...well not that quality, but the saved money is worth that, and the camera is 3.2mp.

Java is great. There are many great apps and games in it. Just because it is available in cheaper phones does not make this crappy. Besides, java games are extremely easy to mod. I did some for personal use.

If I can not go hunting in the creepy wap sites world for rare games and apps, mostly on java, i phone sucks to me.

What about a Processing app. in iPhone?¿?¿

oh yeah..Procesing is no longer used by any *cough* video/VJ/artist owning an iPhone.
yeah yeah, right....*cough*

With each nonsense like that, my HTC HD2 I love every day more and more ..... Iphone limitations and use itunes consuming resources of your PC *, there are many phone much better than iphone ..... but this is the question of taste. Bad JOb mister Jobs.

Mr. Jobs is really stupid and is going to see a decrease in iPhone users.

One of the many & increasing reasons why I will not only never get another iPhone, but never buy another apple product, since aside from lack of stability & some annoying things about how it has been designed to assume that I want to work in the way they dictate through such inflexible system settings etc... Now it appears steve has made it clear that his business needs are more important than my consumer needs.
I have been increasingly underwhelmed by my iPhone ever since I bought it.

...and by the way, the iTunes to iPhone & pc synchronization sucks donkeys balls too!!

For those that were questioning the existence of commercial Java applications, we have several. It is a very powerful platform. There isn't such thing as a "perfect platform", but Java is indeed a good one. Some of our products utilize Java on the front end, many utilize it on the back end. Also, we do have builds that work on Mac OS X which are pure Java.

Check out some of our products if you're curious: