Does the iPhone support Javascript?


If the iPhone support JavaScript that's so where can I download it or I need to install from iPhone itself.

Javascript is inclued in the iPhone as part of the MobileSafari browser.

No it's not. If anyone knows a way I can get js on iPhone e
mail me @ do i need to update upgrade cause
I don't have it.

Please help me get JavaScript enabled on my iPhone 5si would greatly appreciate

If I have JavaScript how do I find it to use it?

How do I find it and enable?

i wod like to now why i am not able to see no pictures or nothing from the internet on my i phone i wod like tto no if i can chat whit some one or see how i can get help about my phone? thank you very much for your suport.if enithing you can email me at thank you

Dear sir, I want to update my Iphone 4, and setup java thanks kanan from Bangladesh

im trying to get ichat on my iphone and it wont let me listen to music when i am viewing myspace profiles, nothing will download WHAT am i doing wrong? plllease help me

the music player on myspace is flash based. Flash is not supported by the IPhone.

Take note that mouseover and mouseout events are not supported. :hover is also not supported says here.

thanks for the post. good info

The YouTube on my iPhone doesn't not work.even when I visit the official site the videos don't work.what can the reason be??

Flash is not supported on Iphones… Youtube movies are in flash.
That is why the videos are not working.

Dunno which I phone you are using but all can run you tube.
You tube movies are not in flash.
See that icon under the green icon in the left upper quadrant? well is you tube!!

You're a moron, the YouTube player is built in Flash. Yes, there is a native app for the iPhone that views YouTube videos. Don't try to be sarcastic if your IQ is in the double digits, you only make yourself look like an idiot. Well...why...fuck you!!


Doesn't change the fact that buddy is dumb for not knowing YouTube app exists because the site is not usable because the site uses Flash. Flash == gay, js runs so much better and HTML5 best. Glad Steve Jobs has taken a stand against what is a horribly overrated, buggy, and performance sucking web tool.

Dude, quit being such an egotistical griever. He made a mistake. Chill

My youtube is not working even I am using it's doesnt open its just searching

I am using a script in Javascript on a website which displays images fading into others (like a diaporama).
You can see it at this adress (main index) :

Curiously, the script doesn't work on the iPhone I used for the test. Has anyone got an idea why?

Not sure if that is a real site, or a spam site, but I went to (which redirected to http://www.é and it takes FOREVER to load on my desktop Mac. No wonder it doesn't work on the iPhone.

Why does it support javascript and not java?

Because Javascript and Java are two different things, retard.

That didn't really answer his question. He obviously knows they're two different things because he listed them as two different things. There's certainly no reason to get so upset over a question anyway.

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Everyone settle down. There is no need to start a flame war here. Both Java and Java script ARE supported on the iPhone. Technically.

The iPhone uses a stripped down and modified version of java on it's which is built in. However, there are some drawbacks as well. Since the iPhone uses Java 1.4, there are plenty of Java applications that will not work in a web setting. That aside, the current version of Java is included in the iOS, but can only be used by applications from the app store. Making an application that uses Java is incredibly easy to do, and with xcode's iOS easy to convert it. That being said, any mouse events return false or null, so they need to be replaced by touch events.

Common problems with java and JavaScript on the iPhone can be nailed to one of two problems. Incompatibilty with the built in safari version and it's security and mouse events. Plenty of sites use poor programming practices in Java that rely heavily on mouse events, even when they aren't using the mouse. This is because it's easier to program mouse handlers than time handlers.

If there is a website that uses Java and it's not working correctly, try viewing source and check what it's doing. Remember that anything using mouse handlers, voice handlers, camera, file systems or gps must be iPhone specific code for security and compatibility reasons. HTML5. And jQuery apps already do this in the background and both work with iOS devices.

YouTube is not made of flash, but does use a flash player to play FLV files for older movies. Newer YouTube videos (post Google acquirement) are encoded in MPEG format and therefore will open given the right link. If you click on a video in and it has an MPEG stream, it will open in If that is not working, look up "download youtube videos" on google, copy and paste the YouTube URL, and click the higher quality mpg link that it gives you. It will open in the built in QuickTime player.

If you have flash media and you want to format it for iPhone, look up Adobe Flash iPhone flex converter. This works with Flash Media Encoder and Adobe AIR to build an iPhone application that can be sent to your iOS device if you are a registered developer or have a jailbroken device.