How do I copy pictures and videos from my iPhone to a PC (no iPhoto)?

How do I copy pictures and videos from my iPhone to a PC (no iPhoto)?

Copying photos from your iPhone to a PC is a different process than using a Mac. Most Mac users simply use built-in iPhoto software to move videos and pictures to the computer.

First plug your iPhone into the PC using the USB cable.

For Windows XP:

1. Navigate to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Scanner and Camera Wizard.
2. When the Select Device window appears choose Apple iPhone and hit OK.
3. Click Next to use the wizard. If you'd rather copy photos manually using Windows Explorer then choose "advanced users only."

Windows Vista:

1. Windows will automatically recognize the iPhone and an AutoPlay window will appear.
2. Select "Import pictures." If you'd rather copy photos manually using Windows Explorer then choose "Open device to view files."

Sometimes Windows will not recognize the iPhone. When using XP you may receive the following error:

The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera.

1. To fix this problem disconnect all USB devices.
2. Right click "My Computer" and select the device manager.
3. If you see an Apple mobile device listed right click and uninstall the driver.
4. Reboot your computer.
5. Reattach the iPhone and now it should recognize the device as a camera.


First you plug your iphone into your PC via the usb cable provided.
Automatically it should come up with a box asking you wether you would like to view photos or import to PC. If it does not com up automatically, there shoudl be a small usb sign in the bottom right corner of the screen, with a tick on. Click on that and the same options should come up on that.
Failing all that if you have a camera recomded site, that should shoudl come up automatically to import you pictures.
Also you can click the tick-box requesting for all the photos on the device to be deleted. This will leave you with more space on your phone!
Hope this helped :)

Excellent tip.
The transfer only works one way: iPhone to PC and not in reverse. If you can't find the USB symbol to click on, you can also get to the 'device' via the Start button, then selecting the 'Printers and Devices' link. You should find your Apple iDevice at the bottom of the list probably in listing entitled 'Unspecified'. Right click your way through to the folder with your files in it.

My pc is windows 7. I found the camera icon, but it wanted a driver. Drivers are crap these days. I refused to go online to get one because I'm sick of searching for useless drivers on a pc. None of the fixes above work. My Iphone 4-s cannot be accessed by my pc.

I also have an iPhone 4s and am running Windows 7 on my laptop. I can tell you that you can, indeed, sync your iPhone to your computer without the need to download any "drivers" of any kind. However, you DO need to download iTunes to your computer. You can do so by simply doing a search for "iTunes Download for Windows 7" on whatever browser you use. It is obviously free of charge to download. Do this WITHOUT having your phone attached to your laptop. It will ask for your iTunes password which is the same as you Apple ID. You had to have used an ID when you set up your phone (also, if you have ever bought any kind of app for your iPhone, it will be the same password and email that you use for those purchases). When you get iTunes downloaded to your computer, open the program and then use a USB cable and connect your phone to your computer. Your iPhone will ask you if you "Trust this computer?" and you choose "Trust". There will be the words "Sync Phone" and you click on that. A status bar will be running at the top of your computer, letting you know that Sync is in progress (you will only have to sync your phone this one time and it will remember your phone every time you plug it). When it gets finished, perhaps 2-4 minutes after syncing begins, your phone will appear at the upper left side of the iTunes page. Click on it and a new set of choices will come up for your phone. These will include "Summary" (it tells you about your phone as in how much memory has been used for pics, music, etc.), "Music", "Photos" and so on. From here you will be able to backup your entire phone onto your computer and download any music or apps you have bought for your phone to your computer and use them there. The music will be downloaded to the iTunes program that you are now navigating in and can then be copied to any other music program that you have on your computer such as Windows Media Center, etc. Any photos or videos you have can be added in the same manner (I use Windows Live Photo Gallery". I don't know why it's so hard for Microsoft to simply put this in easy terms, but it always seems like anything that has to do with "Apple", they make it as vague as they can. The main thing to remember is that iTunes is the "guts" to just about everything you do between your computer and your iPhone. Before I learned this the hard way, trying for days to get my phone stuff onto my computer, I did not realize that. Then I found out that iTunes is such an important part of the "iPhone transfer highway" and without it being downloaded on the computer you are wanting to use, getting anything onto your computer from your iPhone is all but impossible. I hope this helps.

If you are looking for file transfer in mutual way, then you can't do this with the above method. Instead, you need file transfer app to do this. My suggestion is FoneTrans, which can transfer all kinds of files between iPhone and computer. Here is a simple guide on this:

If you're on a Mac, lets you see all your photos and the albums without a problem. You can even use the iPhone as a "portable hd" if you like. The only caveat is that you need to use PhoneView to put stuff on and take it off.

Not helpful. No popup. no option in my computer.

mine does none of that, my computer pull up the windows explorer(the folder with the blue thingy on it) how do i fix this?

I have posted an answer to your problem that others were having. Scroll up and you should be able to ready my comment. It works very with iPhones. All you need do is download iTunes on your computer. My earlier post above goes through the steps. You can have all of your photos and music available on your computer (and off your phone if you choose to do so) in about 8 minutes. Hope it helps.

Use iTunes. All you need do is download it to your computer and you will have full access to your phone's information and you need not worry about lengthy "WiFi" downloads (take my word for it, downloading gigabytes of information over a wireless network can take forever) because it is a direct "peer to peer" connection. I have commented above on how to do it. You can be done with it all in 8-10 minutes without the need to download any other drivers or anything else.

Photos and Videos are included in a backup made using iTunes but they are stored in a format intended only for use as part of a complete restore. There are 3rd party programs that can extract them from a backup or one option if you want to transfer and see them more directly is

The autoplay box didn't show up on my laptop. Then I search and found FonePaw iOS Transfer, which can transfer my photos from iPhone 5 to my hp laptop and back.

Way it is so hard
I just want to copy my pictures

Because Apple can't bear to keep to the standards that everyone else uses. They want to trap their users in a proprietary bubble that allows maximum extraction of money. So everything Apple works nicely and easily, and everything else is "hard".

Every other phone I have had did not put a dog collar on me like this does. I bought a phone, not a lifestyle. Surely the sync can let me access private stuff on my pc. I don't use music and stuff. I am not a child. As a grown up they have burnt my business.

Another guide that might work on this demand:

I believe that if you are connected to a wifi network then Shareit is the fastest mean to transfer Photos and Videos from your iphone to pc !!!

simply download the wireless transfer app from app store to help you. no need for itunes sycn or cable connection. only make sure you have wifi network around.


can be done much easier

Simply transfer photos from iPhone to Mac either with cable or without cable (over wifi)

I am really stuck as this has not worked for me. Because there has been no way yet that has worked to get my content off my iPhone 3gs I have been operating with 3.0.1! I am desperate for an alternative means to transfer to my pc. My iPhone stopped showing up in my pc device manager shortly after I got it years ago. However my pc pings when I connect my cell to it & iTunes recognizes my phone, opening up each time. Because my ios is so outdated I cannot download an app as an alternative method to get iPhone content to my pc or some storage cloud as all apps require ios of 4.0 or higher!

I have the latest drivers, I have tried all the various ports on my pc, I uninstalled & installed iTunes again in case there was some issue. *My iPhone does not show on other computers under device manager & interestingly other iPhones when plugged into my pc do show under device manager!*

I have searched apple forums for same problem & what was suggested did not change anything for me. I have posted there as well for help but no one responded. Updating my ios isn't an option for me until I get all the material I have transferred off my iPhone.

Does anyone have any ideas for me to try? I'd be very grateful for help. Thank you!!

Try taking your phone in to your local service provider or apple store & they can probably help you figure out how to et your pics off of your device. If they can't assist you they may be able to point you in the right direction. If going to the store isn't an option you can always call tech support at apple :) Good luck!!

Even without iPhoto, you can still transfer pictures from iPhone to PC with iOS Transfer.

You may read the guide here to get more information:

You can copy pictures from iPhone to a PC with iOS Transfer.
Read the guide here may provide you some help:

To get photos and videos moved from iPhone to PC, The tool named TunesGo is an excellent option. Apart from photos and videos, a lot more files on the iPhone can be transferred with this program. It is also an ideal tool for managing and backing up files on iPhone.

You can learn more about it from

Using the Windows Explorer is a quick way to transfer photos from Apple devices to PC. But there is something that you forgot to mention maybe, that is, people should make sure that their iPhone is unlocked.

if the iPhone pictures are not showing up in Windows, make sure the iPhone is unlocked first. Otherwise the iPhone will be found in 'My Computer' but all of the content on it will be invisible and inaccessible.

If you run into that, all you need to do is touch the iPhone, unlock the screen and enter the passcode, and all of your stuff will be visible as expected.

Also, I find that there are still four more ways to transfer iPhone photos and videos to computer:

There are various ways to get photos moved from iPhone to PC. You can go to this site to find the ideal solution.

I will NEVER EVER EVER purchase another Iphone or I-Product EVER AGAIN!!! My I-phone 5 phone's memory is full, and I cannot take more pix. I cannot transfer, download, copy or move any of them off the phone no matter what I try using all of the suggestions on this site, and all over the internet! I tried to contact Apple, and I have to purchase a $19.99 service plan just to have them help me! I have a windows operating system that I need to move them onto. I am SO PISSED OFF! And the fact that you cannot load the pictures onto a memory card - means they are holding hostage the last year of my life! I will take the time to email every picture - then I am DONE! Transfering to a Samsung!!! I HATE IPHONES!